Changes to Covid protocols at Felixstowe & Walton United FC

Monday 19th July brings a relaxation of Covid laws under Step 4 of the Government roadmap. Club Covid Officer Chris Daynes updates us on the forthcoming changes affecting the Seasiders.

I'll detail below the changes that will come into force around the Football Club from Monday.

It’s also important to recognise that Covid doesn’t cease to exist at midnight on Sunday, and certain measures at the club will continue for the time being to protect everyone, and particularly those of us who are vulnerable, and to ensure we do what we can to continue operating the club without too many interruptions due to people being pinged to isolate etc

The current restrictions will still be in force for this Saturdays match, but from Tuesdays home fixture and onwards the following things will be eased-
- Track & trace will no longer be operated at the gate on matchdays or in the clubhouse for other events.
- Table service will end and you will be able to order at the bar and snack bar hatch.
- The rule of 6 inside, and 30 outside will end.
- Service will resume from the club shop and a can/bottle bar on busy matchdays.
- You may consume food & drink stood or sat anywhere in the ground.
- Attendance restrictions will end.
- Hospitality will resume for a limited number of visiting officials and guests.

The following will remain in place-
- Sanitiser will continue to be available at all entrances, exits and at regular points throughout the ground. We’ll also continue to encourage everyone to wash their hands regularly.
- Although the attendances won’t be capped and we are comfortable with all outside areas being unrestricted, we won’t be allowing the clubhouse or any indoor area to become overcrowded and capacity limits will remain in these areas, albeit not using the rule of 6/2 households.
- The 1 in, 1 out rule for the toilets will end, but we’d still ask for common sense to be used and not allow overcrowding in these small rooms.
- Although the legal requirement to wear a face covering inside will end, we will still be recommending their use and we ask those who choose not to, to respect those who feel safer wearing one and vice versa. Personally, I'll choose to continue wearing one due to being a recent transplant recipient and interacting with hundreds of people across the club each week, and I'd encourage everyone to use their own judgement with their personal situation too.
- Ventilation of inside areas and increased cleaning will continue.
- Advance tickets to first team matches will still be offered.
- A Red Zone will be operated around the players and officials compound and no unauthorised admittance will be allowed anywhere in the tunnel, compound or dressing room areas on matchdays.

All these measures will be reviewed again on August 16th and any changes communicated.

Thanks to everyone for your understanding and continued caution.

Best regards

Chris Daynes
Joint Chairman & Covid Officer
Felixstowe & Walton Utd FC