Limited Company

Felixstowe & Walton United Community Social Club Limited

With the development of new facilities at the Goldstar Ground now a reality rather than a dream, it has been necessary to meet all the requirements of the various funding bodies, while retaining the football club in its current form under a constitution.

To enable the club to do this while maintaining the football club structure for both seniors and juniors, it has been necessary to form a new commercial entity, limited by guarantee, to take on the responsibility for firstly erecting and then maintaining any new building and operating any commercial venture inside such building.

Felixstowe & Walton United Community Social Club Limited has been formed to meet that criteria, and became operative on June 1st 2016. A commercial venture, limited by guarantee with a board of directors. In essence, limited by guarantee means there are no shareholders and no dividends paid out.

All surplus income at the end of the financial year becomes the starting figure for the new financial year. The football club, Felixstowe & Walton United, under its constitution, may elect a board of directors to operate the commercial venture for a period of time as it sees fit - this might be one year, three years or until the person elected to said board decides to stand down.

The inaugural Board of five directors have been elected by the football club committee as follows:

Andy Wilding, Shaun Ruddock, Chris Ryan, Chris Daynes, Tony Barnes with Stuart Daynes taking on the role of Social Club Members’ Secretary.

The Social Club Ltd will be responsible for the day to day running of the facility, the maintenance of said facility and in the coming years and longer term maintaining the entire grounds at Dellwood Avenue.

The Social Club Limited will hire the facilities back to the football club on a priority basis and will also be responsible of hiring the clubhouse facilities and football pitches to third parties when required and available, with the football club always having priority.

As a community Social Club, the rules will be no different to any other Social Club which means membership will be by annual subscription only.

Felixstowe & Walton United FC chairman Andy Wilding was nominated and elected by the new board as Chairman of the of the new entity and was excited with the development and very confident of its success. So much so, that he endorsed this new entity by personally agreeing to stand as guarantor for part of the loans that have been required to meet the necessary funding to complete the project.

He said when elected, “! hope our supporters will endorse the new commercial activity by signing up to annual membership. We are at the start of a new chapter in the club’s history which will provide top class facilities across all age groups and help provide football facilities for the youth of the town for decades to come.”