Statement from former Manager Ian Watson

Personal Statement from former manager Ian Watson 

What follows is a wholly unedited personal statement from Ian Watson and does not necessarily represent the views of Felixstowe & Walton United Football Club

Firstly Danny and I would like to take a final opportunity to thank every Seasider who helped us on our way, for all your support, kindness and commitment. We are truly grateful.

Since reading the clubs statement it’s helped us understand things better as it’s been a very confusing week of mixed messages and lack of information.

As the statement confirmed that the commitment also felt, we equally were delighted with the beginnings of our transition, the work on our philosophy and long-term player development which includes reducing the age of our playing squad, creating a stronger togetherness of all 3 senior sides, along with sharing & working hard to install the values we both hold around integrating the youth section and senior section into a tighter ‘one club’ unit, and not just saying the words.

With these developments and only 6 league games so far which brought 2 wins and a draw, 2 very difficult FA competition fixtures away to AFC Sudbury for the 2nd time in 4 days on such a physically draining pitch and away to Maldon who are cruising so far, and then mixed in some velocity cup ‘practice matches’, we didn’t and still don’t see the same ‘problems’ that others seem to have. 

We put huge faith in our team of staff and players including those loyal senior players from last season, we gave them more responsibility around their choices, behaviours, respect and decision making to ultimately build a better culture for us to win more than we lose long term but also be role models for those who watch us, especially our young Seasiders.

Our back room team have been incredibly supportive and hard working and we want to place on records our huge thanks to them. We were so disappointed to recently lose 2 key members of this team in Pete and Pat who made us better, were ambitious to drive us further forward and were here for all the right reasons.  Danny and I valued these guys very much and we include them in our thanks.

In reading the statement, Danny and I feel particularly disappointed to have learnt the committee were happy with developments until the senior players intervened.

Danny and I wish to move on from this  now and believe there’s a gift in everything - we will learn from this.  We wish you all, including our club, the very best in the future.