Lucky Felixstowe, not so lucky Wisbech - Words from Spanner

When the FA decided on the expansion of steps 3/4 the main object of the exercise was to cut down on travelling, this has happened for most of the clubs, but sadly not all.  We at Felixstowe are laughing all the way to the petrol pumps, with minimal distances to travel compared with poor old Wisbech.

Last season our average one way journey was 48.6 miles per game, next season it's only gone up to 59.5. Shortest trips are Sudbury and Coggeshall, longest is Barking at 82 miles, which is shorter than our longest from last season at Godmanchester. Total mileage last year for the 23 games was 1118 miles each way, next season for the 19 games it will be 1131.

Talking of Godmanchester, I bet they're pleased they didn't go up, or they might have been put in the graveyard division like Wisbech.

8 trips of over 100 miles.

  • Frickley 104
  • Stocksbridge 109
  • Pontefract 111
  • Ossett 121
  • Tadcaster 124
  • Pickering 161
  • Marske 183

and last but by no means least,

  • Morpeth 223.

I appreciate the FA didn't have an easy task keeping everyone happy, but surely they should have seen how unfair this is.