Life on the Terraces - Update from Neil

A Tuesday to Remember/Forget!

Updated 1000 Thursday 3rd May 2018  

Lets put the Champagne back on ice!

Tuesday night after we arrived home, I sat in the lounge flicking through the match programme and I was numb - I had never been so disappointed with the outcome of a Sporting event. I had made a decision not to travel to Haverhill, I would start those much needed jobs in the garden that I had been putting off. 

Yesterday, on reflection, I've decided that is not a good idea at all, we will go to Haverhill, and we will support the lads one more time this season. On Tuesday night, Coggeshall played at a higher level than us and given their hideous back-log of fixtures which they mainly turned to points, I take my hat of to them, they are truly, worthy champions.

As for our season - well, where can you start? The record crowds, culminating with a Thurlow Nunn record breaking crowd Tuesday night... amazing stuff!  What about all the friends I have made this season? People I now know on first name terms. All the great goals that have been scored - Joe, Chappers, both Stuarts and of course Milo. I'm sure there are others - I don't know the stats, but I am sure we must have scored more goals than we have any other season. We must have sold more pints of beer, cups of tea, portions of chips, scarves and hats than all the other seasons put together since we were promoted.

So if any of the players and management read this, hold your heads up high... let's end the season on a high Saturday, and we will be there to applaud you off the field after the last ball is kicked - and thank you for a truly memorable season.


Best wishes