Under 12 White Match Reports 2017/18

East Bergholt - Home

4th Feb 2017.

Team: Conner (C), Ryan (VC), Sampson (GK), Ewan, Jacob, Drew, Tyler, Brandon, Fin.

Game kicked off @ 10:30am, weather conditions, raining on and off, wet and muddy!

Ewan kick started the game with his first touch of the ball, great start. Drew held his position well and moved forward with the ball, but unfortunate as EB took possession of the ball, but then cleared by Drew, good defending. EB take a throw in, but didn't come to much as Fin managed to clear the ball out leading to EB with a corner, nothing came of it as we held the line. Tyler takes a throw in and EB take possession of the ball, not to worry though as Fin and Drew work together and clear the ball.

EB take back control and take their first shot at goal, it went wide, they then shot again, but Sampson saves it, well done Sampson!

Sampson quickly passes to Ryan, EB are on our case, pushing forward, but Ryan and Jacob work together well and clear the ball again. EB gain a throw in, which leads to them scoring the first goal.

F&W 0-1 EB. Well done EB.

Ewan kicks off, Conner and Ewan push forward with the ball, taking a shot, but EB save it. EB quickly gets the ball and tries to shoot, but Tyler attacks back and Sampson grabs the ball, well done Sampson.

Sampson boots the ball up the pitch, Drew makes a run, taking control of the ball and takes a shot, but EB saves it, unlucky Drew, great attempt.  EB take a goal kick, Jacob takes possession of the ball and makes a run for it, leading to an attempt at goal, EB save it, so close, unlucky Jacob, great attempt though. EB continue to push forward, putting the pressure on, but Drew and Fin are ready and waiting, defending and clearing the ball.

EB gain a free kick near the box, but we defend well with some great passing, Ryan to Jacob. EB gain a throw in, but Brandon quickly clears it. EB take another throw in, but Fin defends well passing to Jacob, EB gain possession and shoots, but Sampson makes a great save, EB have a corner, but Brandon and Tyler clear the ball, great teamwork!

EB put the pressure on,"their not giving up easily, but neither are we". EB take a throw in, Ryan defends well and pushes the ball forward, passing to Jacob, to Ewan, and then onto Conner, who makes a run, great teamwork, but EB defend well and clear it.  Conner takes a throw in, and Drew makes an attempt at goal, so unlucky though, so close.

Jacob takes a corner, EB defend well and pushes forward, Ryan does a great slide tackle and the ball goes out. EB take a throw in, and then take a shot, but Sampson saves it, straight into his hands, great save Sampson!

Jacob pushes forward with the ball with some great footwork, but unfortunately EB defend well and quickly gain possession and push forward with the ball, putting the pressure on, not to worry though as Brandon clears it, well done Brandon!

EB take a throw in, but Ryan tackles well and holds the ball, but EB tackle back, and Tyler clears it, great teamwork!

EB move forward with a throw in, but Ryan clears the ball passing to Conner who makes a run for it, but is stopped in his tracks by EB, so unlucky Conner, good attempt. Tyler takes a throw in, EB take control, but Jacob defends well and clears it. EB take a throw in and try to move forward, but Ryan clears it. EB take another throw in which leads to them taking a shot at goal but Sampson saves it, EB try again, but Ryan clears it back to Sampson.  Sampson quickly gets the ball up to Conner who makes a great run up the pitch, but EB stop him in his tracks, EB are so lucky not to concede, great attempt Conner!

EB gain a throw in and make their first sub of the game. EB push forward, putting the pressure on, but Brandon defends well and clears it, well done Brandon!  EB take another throw in, Jacob does a great header, and Brandon clears it again. EB take a throw in, but Fin quickly takes possession and passes to Jacob who then passes to Drew, who is so unlucky as he scrambles over a player, great teamwork though!

Fin takes a throw in, to Sampson who passes to Ewan, then passes to Brandon, but EB clear it. Jacob takes a corner, who passes to Ryan, he takes a shot on target, but unfortunately EB goalkeeper saves it, so unlucky Ryan, but a great attempt on target!  EB take a goal kick, the ball goes back into play, Brandon headers the ball up the pitch to Tyler, EB gain a free kick. Our defence wall is in place making it hard for EB and putting the pressure on, Drew defends well and clears it, well done Drew!

EB takes a corner, but Ryan, Drew and Jacob defend well and the ball goes out, great teamwork. Jacob takes a throw in, EB take possession but loses the ball, another throw in for us, Fin takes it, but EB clear it. Another throw in, Tyler takes it and the ball is pushed up the pitch, but EB gains control and push forward with an attempt at goal, but Sampson makes a great save, well done Sampson!  Sampson quickly passes to Fin who pushes forward, but EB keep the pressure on, gain possession of the ball and push back, but Drew defends well and clears it. EB take a throw in, the ball is deflected of Brandon's head and EB make an attempt at goal, but luckily it was off target. Sampson takes the goal kick and passes to Jacob who makes a run for it, but EB defend well and clear it. Throw in for us, Drew gains the ball and takes a shot, but it goes wide, unlucky Drew!

EB quickly take a goal kick, Ewan gains possession of the ball who then passes to Jacob who takes a shot, but the ball is saved, but Conner gains possession and takes a shot and scores! Get in there!!

"Well done Connor, what a great goal and great teamwork". F&W 1-1 EB.

Half time.

After a quick team talk, second half kicked off, with EB pushing forward, but Ewan defends well, EB take control again and makes an attempt on goal, but it's off target.  Ryan takes the goal kick who quickly passes to Ewan, EB tackle hard and take control, making a run back, but Fin defends well and clears it. EB gains a corner, but the ball goes out of play and Brandon takes the throw in, who passes to Conner who makes a run for it, EB tackles back and gains the ball, unlucky Conner.

Tyler takes a throw in to Jacob who passes to Ewan, but EB fight back and clear it. Conner takes a throw in to Ewan who pushes forward, but EB defend well and clear it. Jacob takes another throw, foul throw, EB get a free kick, Tyler headers the ball out of play, well done Tyler, great header.

EB take a throw in, but its quickly cleared by Fin. EB take another throw in, but Drew clears it, well done.  EB takes a throw in, but Fin and Tyler work together and push back, putting pressure on EB, scrambling in the box, Ryan headers the ball and clears it, Conner takes possession and makes a run up the pitch, EB tackle back and the ball goes out. EB take a throw in which then leads to another throw in for us. Conner takes the throw in, to Drew who then passes to Jacob and then back to Drew, but EB clear it and defend well. Corner for us, Drew takes the corner, but EB clear it.

Fin takes a throw in and passes to Brandon, who controls the ball well and passes back to Jacob who takes control, but is then taken down by EB, Jacob takes a knock, but gets back on his feet and soldiers on, well done Jacob!

Brandon blocks the ball and EB gain a throw in, the ball goes out of play and we gain a throw in, Fin takes the throw in, EB gain possession, but Ryan defends well and clears it. EB take a corner, Brandon gains possession and passes to Drew, but unfortunately EB tackle and gain the ball back, but Sampson saves it, EB make another attempt, but Ryan, Tyler and Conner work as a team and defend well, Ryan clears it. EB gain a corner, but Conner manages to header the ball to Jacob who makes a run for it, but EB push back and clear it.

Ryan takes the goal kick and passes to Brandon, but EB keep pushing back, clearing the ball. Fin takes a throw in and passes to Jacob, to Conner, back to Jacob, then onto Drew who gets taken down, EB take a shot, but Sampson saves it, well done Sampson, great teamwork!

Ryan takes the goal kick straight up the pitch, but EB quickly take possession and run it back, EB take a shot at goal, but luckily it hit the post and Sampson saved it. The goal broke from the impact, but was quickly put back together, play on!

The pressure continues, the ball going back and forth, both teams constantly pushing, hoping for another goal.  EB gained a free kick just outside the box, our defensive wall is put in place, but EB managed to squeeze a goal in. F&W 1-2 EB. Well done EB.

Ewan quickly kicks off and passes to Jacob, to Conner, then back to Ewan again, and then back to Conner who gets taken down by EB, Foul!  We get a penalty, Conner takes the penalty, he shoots, he scores!! What a cracking goal, well done Conner! And great teamwork!  F&W 2-2 EB.

EB quickly kick off as time is running out, pushing forward, piling on the pressure, but Sampson grabs the ball and quickly passes to Fin, to Ewan, to Conner, but EB fight back, tackling, taking back possession, pushing forward and then we conceded a goal, unfortunate for us. F&W 2-3 EB. Well done EB.

Ewan quickly kicks off and passes to Jacob, but EB clear it out and we gain a corner. Conner takes the corner, everyone waiting in the box hoping to get another goal, Conner takes a shot and it hits the post, so unlucky Conner, great attempt though. EB take a goal kick and the ball is back in play.

The Ref blows the whistle, time is up.

Full time F&W 2-3 EB.

Well done lads, you all played really well as a team and didn't give up. What a great performance!

Man of the Match goes to the captain: Conner, well done, well deserved.


Charity Bike ride

St Elizabeth Hospice

£9,100,000 a year to run

This September Peter Brown, one of the coaches of our Under 11 (White) team is planning a bike ride from London to Paris over a four-day period, covering around 300 miles

Day 1 London   – Calais 95miles

Day 2 Calais     – Abbeville 75 miles

Day 3 Abbeville – Beauvais 70 miles

Day 4 Beauvais – Paris 60 miles

  Peter is hoping to raise £2,000 for the St Elizabeth Hospice, the Hospice is an independent charity with the aim of help/assisting people suffering from a progressive illness either at home or in the hospice and assisting their families as they go through a traumatic period in their lives.

There is no such thing as a donation that is too small as every penny helps to reach the £9,100,000 it costs to run each year.

If you would like to support Peter and by doing so support the St Elizabeth Hospice you can donate money by logging on to Peters Just Giving page at


and make your donation, you can also contact Peter direct and get a sponsor form from him



Kesgrave fc V Seasiders

Saturday 8th October 2016

Cup game

After a long hot summer it looks like last weeks glorious weather at sunny Saxmundam could  be the end, as the British weather has hit with a bang in Kesgrave today with heavy rain and wind, its time to break out the thermal pants footie mum's.

Starting line up for today's game picked by birthday boy Pete, 40 today, who looks more like 60 walking around like he has xxxxxx himself and not forgetting his lovely assistant Mr Mathew Hunwicke aka the elastic band man.

Samson [gk], Conner [c], Tyler, Charlie, Drew, Ewan, Fin, Jacob, and Ryan

Subs Alex M, Alex P, Archie, Leo, Stanley [gk]

As the lady referee blows the whistle to start the game at 10,30 exactly the F&W boys don't just have KFC to fight against but the heavens open to spice up the morning too.

KFC start fast, attacking our defence early on but Drew ,Tyler and Finn may have started slow but do keep KFC out with some good clearances and keeping our defence line straight to catch KFC in the offside trap.

KFC don't have it all there own way with Ryan in a floating midfield roll he plays a ball though on goal, Jacob has a great strike but hits the bar. After some great play KFC attack and break through our midfield and defence and sneak a goal past safe hands Sampson 


Our boys don't let this get to them and Ewan , Conner and Jacob all have opportunities to level the scoring but without success, as the ball drops into midfield Ryan goes in for a hard sliding tackle which Roy Keane would have been proud of. Charlie in a left midfield role battled hard and got some nice clean balls through but our strikers were swamped but the KFC defence.

Just before half time our defence are broken down once more and KFC score 2-0 , the boys heads start to drop but the mums fan club may be wet but still very vocal with there encouragement for the red and whites. 



Archie, Alex P , Stan and Leo ON 

Charlie, Sampson, Conner and drew OFF 

After a few changes from the coaches and half time oranges straight from Florida the boys came out refreshed, with a few nice bits of foot work and runs in midfield from the fresh legs of Archie , Alex P and Leo , but this soon turned into confusion with the team now struggling to hold off KFC , and lucky for us KFC missing two chances , both going sky high way over the top cross bar.

Pete moved a few players around between midfield and defence causing a little confusion at the back and KFC take advantage and 3-0 

Even with Stan making some great saves and Tyler heading the ball away assisted by Finn and Alex keeping a tight line unfortunately KFC score again 4-0

Changes Finn and Tyler Off

Ryan and drew ON

With the weather taking a turn for the worse again . KFC make a break and there number 9 takes a spectacular strike from right hand Side beating Stan 5-0

F&W boys not to be out done , Jacob goes on a run taking on three players and the goal keeper to score 5-1.

The crowd goes wild (well the mums do anyway) prize at the end of the year for the loudest mums, with Sharon and Ann Marie now gone we have to front runners guess who ? Answer on a postcard please.

With a bit of positivity to the game F&W are reignited and battle to the end , with my highlight being one of the final tackles from Alex M taking out the ball and player , luckily staying within the rules takin the ball first. 

Final score 5-1

Not our best game but positive can be taken from it. We may be out of the cup but we still have our unbeaten record in the league to defend. 

By Ashley Stephenson 

Go Seasiders !!


Saxmundham Sports FC V Felixstowe & Walton U11 Whites

Saturday 1st October 2016.

Team: Conner ( C) Alex M, Fin, Tyler, Ryan, Jacob, Charlie, Ewan and Sampson

Subs: Alex P, Leo, Drew, Brandon, Archie

Coaches : Pete Brown and Matt Hunwicke

Linesman from FAW – Matt Brown.

Report : Emma Ellis

FW kicked off and it is fair to say from the moment we started to when the whistle went at full time we dominated the match. The boys played with complete motivation, sheer determination, smiles on their faces and showcased a range of skills and sportsman ships. The crowd was just as encouraging with not only congratulating our own play but also showing appreciation to those from Saxmundham team.

As soon as we kicked off Jacob flew into action putting Saxmundham goal keeper under pressure, shortly followed by an outstanding throw in by Charlie who was dominating the left wing.. with Saxmundham getting their first touch on the ball Ryan came into play with a great clearance meaning the ball never even made it through the back line of our strong defence. Charlie got his foot to the ball and did a magnificent run with saxmundham on  his tail, however used his skill and patience and made a pass to Jacob whose was in the box ready, however despite roars from the crowd Jacob was unsuccessful with the goal keeper making a save.

The next few minutes involved Tyler making a cracking tackle and winning the ball back for FW, Ryan showing his strength in the back with not letting that ball passed, Sampson making his first save ( and yes he did dive)  but the highlight came with Ewan coming into his own and running that Ball down the pitch like Linford Christie despite being chased by all of the defence of saxmundham, using his skill to bypass midfield before he was stopped in his tracks by the last defender who kicked the ball out of play. Jacob stood up to take the corner and the ball fell to Finn as he lashed it into the back of the net..A cracking goal leaving Fin ( and his mum) with a massive smile and confidence that shone through the rest of the game. 

Saxmundham kicked off but we didn’t give them a chance, Jacob gained possession however ball went out of play, Ewan had his running boots on and managed to get the ball back to the penalty box allowing Jacob and Conner to communicate with one another and within a blink of an eye Jacob has secured the second goal of the match.

We were straight back into possession following the kick off, boys all smiling, communicating to one another and looking for space and pass. Samundham won the ball from Jacob but within seconds Tyler was there putting in a tackle leading to FW being back in possession.  A throw in enabled Samundham to touch the ball but Charlie was there to put that right who passed to Ryan to assisted with Conner scoring the third goal..

For the next few minutes we witness wonderful football with a few good goal kicks from Sampson, Midfield looking quick and using space, the defence keeping their shape but Finn holding his own with complete committement and strength not allowing  that ball passed. Samundham got possession leading to a corner, Sampson directing the team to ensure all players were covered, however a jump into the air by Finn and a block with his shoulders meant the ball never made Sampsons hands. Ewan was there and controlled the ball and ran up the wing with his head high, passing saxmundham players with ease and confidence, with Charlie in place and hand in the air Ewan released the ball allowing Charlie to score his first goal of the season taking us to a 4 nil lead.

With the boys beaming with confidence, the football continued to develop and the skills were present with nearly every touch.. FW were playing well and the parents and coaches were smiling with pleasure.

Conner and Charlie were running well and made a cracking attempt, however the saxmundham goalie flew off her line and made a good save. Saxmundham gained possession and put Ryan to the test resulting in a slight injury with Matt and Pete running on to ensure he was ok.

Again the next few minutes were amazing to watch.. Jacob and conner both having  attempts on goal, Fin putting in tackles well and kicking the ball out of play, Tyler, Ryan and Alex M keeping their strength and shape at the back hardly letting any balls passed them, Charlie dominating the left wing with good running and positioning with Ewan always ready to finish the pass off.. the only time that Saxmundham got though Sampson came off of his line and dived to the floor stopping them in their tracks. After Sampson goal kick Ewan was in sixth Gear running the whole pitch while Jacob looked for space, a cheeky little pass lead to a goal from Jacob in the top right hand corner of the goal.

A quick free kick to Saxmundham lead to nothing with Tyler coming into play and clearing the ball.  A throw in from Charlie into the feet of Ewan enabled a cracking shot from Ewan but a good  save. Finn voice came into play with telling the boys to hold position and Sampson having to wake up with a shot from the Saxmundham midfield – a long stretch to right saved the goal and put the ball out of play. 

A moment of panic with FW as Saxmundham held possession in the box, however a header by Tyler put them under pressure and there shot went over the bar by miles.

Again we witness some great play with moments from Conner quick running down to the goal, Charlie and Jacob working as a tag team, Defence moving in line with the play, however just before the whistle blew Ewan made the score six nil.

The first half ended and the conclusion was Saxmundham thought that they were surrounded by Indians as FW took complete control of the first half with  a score line of six nil.




Saxmundham kicked off but once again we were straight Into possession with a good header by Brandon and Fin quickly into a crunching tackle. Sampson came off of his line twice in quick concession making two good saves, a long throw from Sampson to Archie on the right wing, however he was unable to break free BUT Brandon was right there disallowing the ball to go passed midfield.  Before the second half had even warmed up Leo came into play with his head high smashing a goal into the bottom left hand side. We were now leading seven nil.

Saxmundham kicked off but FW were not holding back – Alex P came into action with a grand tackle in centre mid field but unfortunately we lost the ball and Sampson once again had to think quick, commit and made a brave save using his hands. We recovered well and the midfields and wings played as a team leading to Brandon having a shot on goal. Another near miss.

Saxmundham took control and we had to think quick as the ball was going towards our goal.. Alex p was playing well but came up against a saxmundham player who foul played with some pushing, he carried on and stood strong and due to Saxmundham breaking the rules the goal was disallowed.

The next few minutes saw Alex P making a fast run up the centre passing to Leo who despite some great skill was unable to get though their defence. With Saxmundham holding control we relied on Alex P, Brandon and Leo to play well and gain the ball back into our possession. Archie came into his own  showing motivation on the right wing,  with  Archie always going forward and Fin was never too far behind helping and supporting him. Alex P had a good few tackle winning the ball back when needed and always looking for Leo who was pushing forward. Fin, Drew and Alex M were holding the back line strong, marking players and ensuring all angles were covered. Drew held the left side of the defence making strong decisions when clearing the ball ensuring that there was always a player to pass to. Saxmundham were clearly getting frustrated and implemented a nasty tackle on Fin, however with true motivation and determination he got up, brush himself off and regained his focus. Brandon held the midfield being quick, brave and effective in his tackles.

We continue to dominate the game with amazing football. Drew producing an amazing header, clearing the ball from the goal area, Brandon and Archie working as a partnership while the others kept their midfield busy.  Archie remained strong on the wing and played brilliant football, ref gave a free kick to Saxmundham following a good tackle by Archie, however this was soon blocked by Brandon. A few moments of action in the box with Leo and Alex P both playing good football.

The whistle goes and we have won 7.0 – boys all smiling, coaches smiling and all parents pleased with having the opportunity of watching good football. I am sure you agree that each lad held their own on that pitch today, they communicated, listened, played well but most of all played with energy and excitement.

Well done –

Man of the match – EWAN.


Felixstowe & Walton U11 Whites v Holbrook Hornets

Saturday 17th September 2016

Team: Conner (c), Alex M, Charlie, Ewan, Fin, Jacob, Ryan, Sampson, Tyler

Subs: Alex P, Archie, Brandon, Drew, Leo

Coaches: Pete Brown and Matt Hunwicke

Ref: Dan Dempsey

Linesman: Matt Brown

Holbrook kick the game off, however possession is soon gained by Felixstowe and Walton thanks to a good interception by Jacob.  Great passing by the team sets up the theme of the match with good defensive work by Ryan.  Ewan pressures the Holbrook defence resulting in the first corner of the game. A great corner by Jacob is swung in, but just too high for Conner to connect with it.

Holbrook apply some pressure, however good defending by Ryan and Tyler ensures that the threat comes to nothing. The boys are settling into the game well and great skills from Conner result in another F&W corner however the Holbrook goalie saves well.

The goalkeeper has to be at his best today as shots rain in from Conner and Jacob but no score yet.

Patience is rewarded and sees Jacobs silky skills resulting in the first goal of the game 1-0.

Fin, Tyler and Alex M ensure that the door is kept shut at the back and also are linking well with the midfield as F&W continue to dominate the game.  

Even the Mums are getting involved with a nice touch from Sarah on the sideline and constructive encouragement from Chrissy!!

Holbrook try to come forward again but a good interception by Charlie and Tyler stops them in their tracks again.

F&W are awarded a free kick which is taken by Ryan, the ball lands with Ewan who lashed it into the back of the net, however initial control was with his arm, so ruled out!!

Further silky skills from Conner sees the ball again in the Holbrook area and another corner follows.  The ball is fizzed in by Jacob and comes flying off Ewan's foot, but goes just wide.

All of the boys are playing well and really gelling as a team.  Further great work sees the ball with Conner who passes to Jacob and he lashes the ball into the net. 2-0.

Finally Sampson gets sight of the ball as up to now, he has had very little to do, he makes a great move to block the ball and Tyler follows up too to ensure Holbrook don't score.

Alex M is strong in defence and passing to Conner sees Conner shoot for goal but it's well saved.

Charlie's turn next with him surging forward and having a shot, but again it's well saved.

More pressure from F&W results in another corner which is again delivered by Jacob. The ball again pings around the box, however this time Ewan gets a foot on it and scores. 3-0.

Half Time

F&W kick off hoping for more of the same in the second half and they didn't disappoint. Immediately Jacob is onto the ball and shoots, but it's just wide.

Holbrook are looking to get into the game more, however Alex M and Tyler are staying strong and their defensive work is excellent.

Conner is again driving forward, however he is caught off side.

F&W are again passing the ball well with all of the boys linking up and getting involved. Good passing between Alex M, Charlie, Jacob and Conner sees another effort on goal, but it's just wide.

Sub: Ewan off, Leo on

Leo comes on and with his first touch nearly produces a goal! Charlie intercepts the ball and drives forward, linking in with his fellow midfielders well, the ball being taken forward by Jacob who shoots, the shot is saved but lands at Conners feet and he drives the ball into the empty net 4-0.

More or less straight away, Leo drives forward with the ball and a fabulous strike results in a goal, his first for F&W. 5-0.

Again without time to barely write that last goal up, Conner gets hold of a loose ball by Holbrook and fires home 6-0.

Sub: Jacob off, Archie on

Not to feel left out, Ryan lets rip with a long range strike but it's saved.  The resulting corner nearly sees Leo score again, but not to be this time.

Sub: Conner off, Brandon on

Alex M is again showing his defensive prowess and stops Holbrook in their tracks.  Archie and Brandon are getting in the flow of the game with some great passing by Archie and good tackling by Brandon.

Holbrook have a rare attack and have a corner, but Sampson keeps his concentration and saves well.

From the goal kick, Leo picks up the ball and sends Archie through, but just off side.

Subs: Charlie off, Drew on.  Ryan off, Alex P on.

Following the substitutions, F&W lose a little concentration and Holbrook go on the attack and manage to score 6-1

Sub: Tyler off, Jacob on

F&W seem to be drawn towards the ball a bit, however the boys soon get their shape back, which sees Alex P tackling well and taking the ball forward with Leo, however the finishing shot is saved.

Jacob has slotted into defence and is keeping Holbrook at bay, along with Alex M, Drew and Fin.  More great passing between the team sees the ball with Leo, who controls the ball well, shoots and scores 7-1.

Again the game has barely kicked off again, before the next goal is scored, with Archie controlling the ball with his chest and cracking a shot into the back of the net. 8-1.

Even with the result not being in doubt, the team are still dominating possession and passing the ball around well.

Full time.

A fantastic 8-1 win for Felixstowe and Walton with a great team performance and some fantastic individual performances too, but this weeks Man of the Match was Alex M for his masterclass in defensive work.

Thanks to Dan and Matt B for undertaking the Ref and Linesman jobs and to Pete and Matt H for their continued coaching and encouragement of the boys.  Well done too to Leo & Archie for scoring their first goals for F&W at home, hopefully the first of many.


Ipswich Exiles  0 Seasiders  1

Saturday 10th September 2016

Coaches :  Peter Brown/Matthew Hunwicke

Assistant Coach:  Ryan Hunwicke (recovering from injury)

Team: Sampson (GK), Alex M, Alex P, Archie, Brandon, Connor (Captain), Drew, Ewan, Finlay, Jacob, Leo and Tyler

(Absent: Charlie, Stanley)

Firstly, welcome to our new players, Archie, Brandon, Drew and Leo who make their debuts today.  We look forward to the 2016/17 Season with our strengthened squad and not forgetting Alex P who also enhances the Team as he commences his first full season with F&W U’11 Whites.  Come on you Whites!

First Half

(Subs: Brandon, Drew & Leo)

IE kick-off with a few passes and the ball is quickly taken out of play.  Jacob takes the throw-in for FW to Connor who is in space.  We do not keep control which sees IE take a corner and put our defence and GK under some early pressure with the ball going just wide.  A further 2 corners quickly follow for IE but Connor and Finlay are both in position to clear.  Finlay passes down to Jacob, Alex calls for the ball and takes a shot but unfortunately it’s off target.  IE are soon gathering momentum as they put Sampson under pressure as their strike goes just over the bar.  Sampson passes to Finlay then to Jacob.  Jacob is taken down and a free kick awarded.  Jacob and Connor pass well but IE are strong in defence for both this free kick and the next FW corner. 

IE GK sees great passing by the opposition but Alex M intercepts as both teams battle hard to gain control.  Tyler takes the next throw-in, we keep control briefly with some great passing but results in a free kick to IE – Sampson is well placed but it is not on target.  IE pick up pace but Alex M stands his ground and maintains control passing well.  IE are quickly on the attack and take a shot on target, saved well by Sampson.  Archie takes our next throw-in and the boys demonstrate some great skill between them.  Jacob takes a corner to Archie, followed by a free kick by Jacob to Connor who makes a great attempt to score but it is saved.  Archie makes a fantastic run and passes up front, sadly we are not in place to make the best of it.  Alex P is now in possession and takes a shot but it’s wide, good try!

IE take another GK which is intercepted by Jacob who shoots in the top right hand corner and we take the lead, 0-1.  IE apply pressure now but Alex P takes control and there is some great team play.  IE now in possession but Tyler is in place to tackle and takes control passing to Archie.  Archie is now under pressure from IE but manages to clear the ball.  Jacob takes control of the next IE throw-in and passes to Ewan who is in space, good attempt on target but saved well.  IE are quickly on the attack and we are under some pressure until Alex M clears the ball.  IE now take a corner which Alex P is well placed to clear. 

Sampson takes GK but IE quickly attack and he’s under pressure but the strike is wide.  Another GK and IE gain control again but not for long as Connor takes possession.  IE are soon awarded a free kick which Alex M claims and we see some great passing between Alex M, Ewan and  Alex P.  As IE attack and make progress, Tyler defends well and passes forward.  IE take three throw-ins in quick succession, Finlay is on the end of the first two and Connor the third with an impressive header.  IE soon have a great run but cleared again by Alex M.  Connor impresses again with another header defending the next IE corner. 

Finlay takes the next FW free kick passing to Connor who shows great skill until he is tackled and taken down.  Free kick taken by Jacob, passing to Alex P positioned well in space.  IE are determined though as they now move forward.  Sampson is ready but they are not on target and the shot is wide again.  Sampson takes GK to Jacob and we see some skilful passing between Jacob and Archie.  A corner is taken by Jacob to Archie as IE take control now and we come under attack but Finlay intercepts with confidence.   Soon IE are moving forward and have a great shot on target, Sampson punches clear, great save!  Two IE corners quickly follow putting Sampson under pressure again but he clears both with ease. 

Jacob takes a free kick but IE claim and move forward, Archie clears.  Finlay takes next free kick passing well to Connor who takes it on a good run to Archie up front to Ewan but IE are strong in defence.  Finlay takes several throw-ins followed by a corner by Jacob but we struggle to maintain control and the ball is out of play.   The whistle is blown, half-time!

Second –Half 

(Subs: Brandon, Drew & Ewan) 

(Leo on)

Jacob and Archie pass well for the first few seconds of play in the second-half but IE take possession.  Sampson’s GK is also intercepted by IE and they take a shot, it goes over.  Sampson passes to Jacob, to Archie to Connor and to Alex P who unfortunately is out-numbered and IE take control.  Archie takes a corner on target to Leo up front who is well placed and makes a great first attempt but it goes wide, unlucky Leo!

(Subs: Alex P off, Brandon on)

Jacob quickly moves forward and strikes on target but it is saved well.  Tyler shows his strength in defence and he is forced to clear the ball several times as IE are on the attack.  Finlay also confirms our defence is very strong today as he keeps IE at bay and passes to Jacob.  Jacob passes to Archie who is in a great position to strike, great shot but just off target.  IE GK claimed by Jacob but a strong tackle takes him down and IE move forward.  Leo takes the pressure off and clears the ball. IE throw-in claimed by Connor but regained by IE as they push forward and take another shot just over the bar. 

(Subs:  Archie off, Drew on)

Sampson takes GK to Connor who is fouled.  Finlay takes our free kick to Jacob and as Drew makes his debut he immediately impresses with some great passing.  Three throw-ins in quick succession taken by Jacob, Drew and Finlay, the latter claimed by Tyler passes the ball forward to Alex M.  Tyler is in possession again and passes to Brandon.  Great team play and passing between Brandon, Connor and Jacob, culminating in a great shot by Connor, just wide.  IE take a free kick intercepted well by Drew who pushes forward.  Jacob takes a corner to Tyler who is under pressure and passes safely back to Sampson.  GK taken and Jacob is fouled, free kick taken by Tyler to Connor then Brandon.  Brandon demonstrates great control but comes under pressure until the ball is cleared.  IE throw-in sees their determination take them forward and they get close but Jacob clears.  Brandon, Jacob and Leo are passing well and Leo proves his ability with a shot on target which is saved well, great try Leo!

Tyler is quickly forced to defend again and passes to Connor, followed by a throw-in to Leo.  Brandon takes another throw-in to Jacob who moves quickly and is on target but saved by the Keeper.  IE keep on the attack as they are determined to push forward, Brandon however, proves himself to be a worthy team member as time after time he takes control and clears the ball.  Brandon passes to Connor now who has great interaction with Drew who places a strong header at Jacob’s feet.  Another great save by the opposition.  We see more great passing between Brandon and Leo as Brandon is now on target but again it is saved. 

IE take a throw-in claimed by Brandon, passing to Jacob, then Drew.  Unlucky Drew, losing possession as he is tackled hard. Finlay takes the next FW throw-in and following some passing, Jacob, with his back to goal, takes a backwards shot, it goes wide.  Unlucky Jacob that would have been one to remember!  IE GK is well intercepted by Leo but IE are on the attack as there are only a few minutes remaining but Brandon supports well and clears the ball from danger.  Brandon, Drew and Leo impress with some great team play, keeping possession well.  Tyler pushes the next free kick up with power and we are moving forward again.  A few throw-ins follow for both teams resulting in Tyler claiming and passing to Leo.  Leo pushes up but the ball goes out of play. 

We are under pressure in the final minutes now as IE have a free kick.  We don’t need to worry as it is picked up with confidence by Brandon who passes to Jacob but he is surrounded. 

(Subs: Finlay off, Archie on)

Brandon keeps his position well and clears well.  IE take a throw-in but Tyler is there to take the pressure off.  Leo is now in control passing to Connor who is on target again but the Keeper is in good form and saves again.

In the last few seconds IE get close, Alex M and Tyler are there to make sure we do not concede.  Final whistle is blown.

Result 0-1. 

A few ‘off-side’ reminders and we need to perfect those throw-ins but a Fantastic start to the new Season boys – keep it up!  

Looking forward to our next game when we should have a full, injury free squad. 

MEN of the Match: ‘The Defence’ – well done, a clean sheet!