Under 11 Girls - Match Reports-2017/18

Kesgrave - Away
Sunday 5th November 2017
Suffolk Girls & Womens Football League

Me and Izzy were the first to arrive for our first ever game against Kesgrave. We weren't sure which pitch we were to be playing on, as the smallest one had 12/13 year olds warming up on it... these turned out to be the Kesgrave u11's. Must be something in the water!

Onto the game. After some people got coffees, lol, (Sarah). We had our full squad and the team was - Izzy in goal - Eve and Livia in defence - Mia, Rose and Scarlett in midfield - Evie in attack - subs Freya, Kyla , Leah and Lily

After an excellently observed minutes silence the game got underway. We didn't look like a team on a bad run at all. Plenty of tackling and passing by our girls, but it kept coming to nothing. We did find it a bit difficult to adjust to the pitch size (shorter than our 5-a-side one) with Izzy actually kicking one dead. It took 7 mins until we had a corner (1st of game) and it fizzed across the goal untouched. Kesgrave had a few chances, but nothing or no-one got past Livia, who was having another fine game at the back.

10 minutes in we saw the first round of changes - Leah and Lily for Livia and Mia. Play continued in the same way. Us playing the better football without getting any good chances to actually score. Kesgrave also had a few chances, but all wide of the goal. In the 20th minute Freya and Kyla replaced Rose and Scarlett. The last 10 minutes of the half definitely belonged to us. 3 corners, a shot from Eve that went just wide, a shot from Evie that also went wide. In the last minute of the half, a shot from Evie was deflected wide and the corner landed on the crossbar!

Half time ... Kesgrave 0-0 Felixstowe

Great half of football. In my opinion we had the better players, but Kesgraves very tall and stronger players were still a threat and luckily the tough challenges didn't put our girls off.

The 2nd half started. Livia and Mia replaced Evie and Leah. It was our most rocky period of the match with Kesgrave forcing 3 corners and having a couple of good shots one saved for another corner. However, we did settle down and got back into it.

On 38 minutes Rose and Scarlett replaced Eve and Freya. We were playing well again and it helped that every time they got through Livia seemed to be there to clear. In the 44th minute Evie came on for Mia. We got a couple more corners but could not get a clear chance. In the 51st minute Eve replaced an injured Kyla.

Then a minute later... disaster!  It was a great shot from Kesgrave's best player. A lesser group of girls would have folded, but not OURS. Right from the restart Evie ran through to equalise. Great run and shot past their keeper 1-1. In the 55th minute Kyla came back on for Lily ... and a minute later Freya replaced Scarlett.

Then with a minute of normal time left... Nightmare!   Ball got kicked through and it was toe-poked past Izzy for 2-1. We certainly did not deserve that, a goal in the last minute...... 

Full Time ... Kesgrave 2 Felixstowe 1 

Soccer tournament next SATURDAY at Copleston 4v4 matches. Glen has entered 2 teams. Then back there again on the Sunday for our normal 7v7 game.

All have a good week and see you all soon. 


Cornard United - Home
Sunday 8th October 2017
Suffolk Girls & Womens Football League

Another warm and sunny day greeted us for our home game against Cornard. It was our first game since 'THE GAME' a fortnight ago! Moving right along lol.

Evie, Leah and Livia were all away this week so we lined up with - Izzy in goal - Kyla and Eve in defence - Freya, Lily and Scarlett in midfield - Rose attack.  Mia was our only sub today.

The game kicked off at a frantic pace with Cornard having the early territorial advantage and it was one of their players that hit the post after 5 minutes. There were plenty of tackles flying in from both sides with few chances. Scarlett did manage a couple of shots in as many minutes, but too far out to trouble their keeper.

In the 11th minute Mia replaced Freya. More chances fell to Mia and Rose, then Lily failed to connect with a shot. However none of them looked too dangerous.
The 19th minute saw Freya return for Lily. For the rest of the half most of the play was in the midfield. However Cornard did have two good chances to score, both should not have happened as they came from chaotic moments from corners in our own box.

Half-time arrived and 0-0 was a fair result, they had more of the ball, we had the better chances.

For the second half, Lily came on for Scarlett

The game restarted, but I don't think our girls were really ready yet. Cornard were having much more of the ball and forcing a few corners and having two or three shots just going wide. Then in the 31st min, our old trick of getting 3 players all running to tackle 1 player and the ball finding another one of their players unmarked to score from close in. 0-1 THEN 2 mins later (33) we did exactly the same thing again, and again they scored 0-2 Scarlett replaced Eve.

The next few mins saw us finally settle down and start to press forward, Rose had a good shot saved. In the 40th min Eve returned for Freya who had been injured. We were now getting more of the ball and pushing forward. Finally in the 45th min Rose burst though with the ball and gave their keeper no chance. 1-2 Rose had another half chance a few mins later, but that was saved and with the last move of the game Eve ran through with the ball unfortunately her shot went just wide. The ref then brought the game to an end. Full-time 1-2
It may have been another defeat, but a much better performance. Our passing still needs working on for sure. Plus we do keep bunching and leaving players unmarked. However now training has started again these things can be worked on.

Right that's me again. Plenty of traveling to come, starting with Walsham Le Willows next week. Have a good week and hope to see you all there.


Ipswich Valley Rangers - Home

Sunday 24th September 2017

Suffolk Girls & Womens Football League

Dellwood on a warm sunny September morning. What could be better? Well, what could be a lot better would be Dellwood, a warm sunny September morning and a game against any team other than I.V.R Blue!
Best get onto the game.
Livia and Mia were missing today so our line-up was. Izzy in Goal - Eve and Kyla at the back - Lily, Rose and Scarlett in midfield - Evie up front.  Leaving Freya and Leah as 1st replacements.
This report is not going to be the normal blow by blow account, as to save those who were there having to re-live it lol. 
However, It was 5 mins into the game before we fell behind to a good shot 0-1. 
We had conceded a few corners and not really been out of our half.
Lily was injured and Leah replaced her in the 6 minute. Most of the play was still in our half and after a couple of shots went wide they scored again on 10 minutes.  0-2
2 became 3 in the 12th minute 0-3
12 minute Freya came on for Scarlett. We then had an 11 minute period of not conceding a goal, however Izzy had to make 4 saves and 3 shots went wide then in the 23rd minute another great shot went in off the post 0-4.
THEN in the 25 min and long throw found Evie with her first sight of goal and bang in it went! 1-4
Our fight back was short lived. 27 minutes and another shot from the centre of the goal mouth made it 1-5.
27 minute Freya replaced Eve.
Half time 1-5
Eve and Scarlett replaced Leah and Rose and we started the 2nd half.
I did say it wasn't going to be blow by blow.... I lied, well about the first half! No more though. 

Full time 2-12 and our goal was an o.g 
Today our girls took a hell of a beating, a fact that can't be denied..... Having said that, it was at the hands, or should I say feet :) of the best side, by a mile, that I've seen them play, in what is now the fourth season. As a coaching aid it could be perfect. Every single mistake got punished. I shouldn't mention the twelve saves by Izzy, goal line clearances from Kyla and Eve, 6 shots just wide, or the three struck posts and Eve getting hit in the face stopping another goal bound shot. So there you go we actually got away lucky ha ha
Right that's me done. Copleston away next week. Oh before that we have training on Thursday at Dellwood. 6:00pm till 7:00pm. I can't make Sunday, but see you Thursday. 


Stowupland - Away

Sunday 17th September 2017

Suffolk Girls & Womens Football League

A trip up the A14 to Stowupland was this week’s assignment. It was sunny and warm when we arrived, we just had Lily away and watching the girls warming up I thought today was the day we were going to get something from this place … Funny old game!

On to the game. We lined up with Izzy in goal, Kyla and Livia at the back, Eve, Freya and Mia in mid-field and Evie up front. Leah, Rose and Scarlett starting on the bench.

The early exchanges were mainly in the middle third of the pitch with both sides looking strong in defence. In fact, two Stowupland corners and one for us were about the only chances either side managed in the first 10 minutes.

The first player change occurred with Leah coming on for Livia who had got a bit of a knock. With two more corners to Stowupland and a nice save from Izzy it did seem Stowupland were getting the upper hand. In the 15th minute, Rose and Scarlett replaced Freya and Mia, another corner to Stowupland and another save that had to be made from Izzy followed. Then in the 18th minute, almost out of the blue, a great pass through the Stowupland defence found Evie clear for the first time and she ran on, then shot and scored into the far corner.1-0

We managed to keep the lead for 3 minutes ‘till, from another Stowupland corner, our defence got drawn to the ball leaving two girls unmarked and the ball found one of them who scored past Izzy for 1-1

With us failing to find a way though the Stowupland defence and their side getting more corners, and Izzy having to make another save it did look like half time couldn't come soon enough … trust today was the day we played 30 mins each way. Lol 

Livia replaced Kyla in the 28th minute, then just on the stroke of half time, a mix up from another Stowupland corner found the ball in the back of our net, after goal mouth pinball when it really should have been cleared. 1-2

Half time 1-2.

The second half started with Freya and Mia coming on for Eve and Evie.

Almost straight away Stowupland were on the attack forcing two saves from Izzy (one of which paid back her part in Stowupland second), two more Stowupland corners followed then a great shot from one of Stowuplands girls made it !-3.

I did fear the worst! 

In the 11th minute Eve and Evie returned for Leah and Scarlett.  Then a few minutes later following a save, Izzy quickly got the ball out to Rose, she took it forward then passed it to Evie who shot and scored past two defenders and their keeper 2-3. 

The game became much more even with the defences both playing well. Kyla returned for Mia in the 19th minute, the rest of the game had few clear chances, but quite a few more corners for Stowupland. With 5 minutes to go Leah and Scarlett replaced Freya and Livia. 

A corner each and that was that. 2-3 Full time.

Well, an interesting game. Both defences on top for most of the game. I believe we only had three clear chances and scored two of them. As for Stowupland all their three goals came from corners. HOWEVER! With this in mind, the corner count for the game was Stowupland 23-2 our girls. Me thinks we are conceding one or two, toooo many. Now I'm a believer in row z for safety, but I'd be surprised if 75% of them actually had to be conceded. I'll let those who were at the game decide that :)

Having said that, we only made two real mistakes at the back and it cost us goals on both of them. Stowupland WILL win more than they lose this season. We have improved on last season against them...... and we will play a lot worse against other teams and win easily. 

Good to see so many good tackles and passes from all our girls, we can't win easily every week. All in all though, another good display from our little darlings. Looking forward to more.

Right then, easy game for us next week .....Ipswich Valley Rangers! at home. Lol

All have a good week and hope to see you there.




Long Melford - Home

Sunday 10th September 2017

Suffolk Girls & Womens Football League

We all arrived at The Goldstar ground for our season opener, the weather was warm and sunny, the pitch was superb, the new club house looks like we mean business here and the girls certainly  lived up to that today.

We had our full squad with Kyla passing a late injury test .

We started with Izzy in goal, Leah and Kyla in defence. Eve, Scarlett and Rose in midfield, Evie in attack. Mia, Lily and new girls to our team Freya and Livia made up the team.

So off we went, early attacks lead to two good saves from Melfords keeper to keep shots from Evie out, three more attacks lead to corners, it was only going to be a matter of time! Then in the 9th minute Scarlett managed to get on the ball in the centre of the box and hit it past their keeper for our opener. (Mum was a bit pleased)  1-0

Lily and Livia replaced Eve and Leah in the 10th minute, and soon after we doubled our lead. A throw down the right to Evie, defender beaten, great shot into the far corner. How many times have I typed that since doing the match reports? 2-0

Mia and Freya replaced Scarlett and Lily (who had been kicked and needed a bit of time)

The half continued with another shot from Evie knocked behind for a corner. It wasn't as much as it was one way traffic, not at all, but Melfords attackers could not get past our defence, whoever it was. The only surprise was that we didn't add to our tally. Eve came on for Rose with a few minutes of the half remaining. Rose deserved a rest having won a lot of loose balls in the middle of the park. Half time 2-0

The second half started with Izzy, Livia, Leah, Lily, Mia, Eve and Freya. (Easier than saying who replaced who lol) and Melford had a rare attack leading to a corner which was quite easily dealt with and lead to another good stop from the Melford keeper and a corner for us.  Scarlett replaced Mia.

In the 4th minute we scored again. Eve battle to win a ball on the edge of Melfords box before running through and scoring. 3-0

Rose returned for Livia after 10 mins, shortly followed by Evie replacing Freya.

Melford continued to try and mount attacks, but no matter which of our girls happened to be in defence they could not get through.

In the 17th minute Evie scored again. Another run at and past a defender followed by a shot past their keeper. 4-0

Kyla replaced Leah just in time to be on the field when Evie scored her third and best goal. This time instead of beating the last defender, she just gave herself a sight of goal and lashed it into the top corner. 5-0

A minute later it was the turn of Rose to run through the defence to score a well deserve goal. 6-0

Mia came on for Lily and a couple of minutes later the ref put Long Melford out of their misery and ended the match.

A marvellous display from our girls. But for some good saves from Melfords keeper and some shots narrowly going wide, we could easily have been in double figures. All over the park our girls were on top. In attack, in midfield, in defence...... the only player not to have an outstanding game was Izzy. Ha ha. She came off the field quite happily to tell me that she had NOT had one shot to save in the entire game.

If I start trying to sum up individual girls games then I could go through the whole team, but I will say that Freya and Livia played like they'd always been part of the team and have definitely strengthened our side. Also that the passing was not only good today, but seemed to done with thought as to why to pass to a player.

Hopefully this is just a taste of things to come.

Great game and well done to the team and of course the coaches who must feel a bit rewarded for their time and effort when the girls play like this.

Well that's me done, hopefully see you all next week at..... oh lol.... Stowupland. So that will be steaks and MMA dvds for the girls all week lol.