Welcome to Felixstowe & Walton United Football Club


Welcome to the Seasiders official website 2017/18.

2016 was the dawn of a new era for the club, an ever growing youth section, the first sod being turned and the first brick being laid for our new home.

The building of the clubhouse which we now call home was a long time in the planning & construction and it was all done with one objective, to take our club and all its teams, both senior and junior, to a better place on the football map!

Hopefully 2017/18 will see us consolidate our place and go from strength to strength.

Join us on the Journey, bring a friend, there’s room for everyone!


Chris & Stu's 92in92 Blog

It was a pleasant and encouraging surprise on day one, cum night of the brothers 92in92 challenge when they arrived at stop No 18 at 3am, intending to take a quick pic and move on to Pompey.

Brighton & Hove Albion – The Seagulls – had already presented the club with a shirt to auction before Chris & Stuart set off and now in the middle of the night they were there to open the gates, turn on the lights and take a pic of the two of them on the Amex Stadium pitch. Now that’s what I call a class act!

It’s not easy for clubs, or the intrepid travellers, with the visiting times all estimated and the clubs not easily accessible ‘out of hours’ as it were but so far everyone has been very accommodating, with a little amusing irony along the way. They have discovered it’s a long way from Yeovil in Somerset to Plymouth Ho or rather Plymouth Argyle (a mere 90 miles) and it’s a bit of a worry when you see the Pilgrims coach heading in the opposite direction to the way you are travelling, with them going to the Matchroom Stadium home of Leyton Orient, where you were last night while you head for Home Park!

Hopefully the Pigeon carrying Chris’s first Blog will be coming in to land in the eave’s of the clubhouse roof shortly and I will post it post haste on arrival


4PM Tuesday 19th April

After months of planning we finally got our challenge under way at the very friendly Colchester United who also gave us a signed shirt for our forthcoming auction.

We soon hit traffic on the approach to Southend, finding the ground locked up, as was the case for the majority of the first night grounds.

We planned to get the London clubs all out of the way overnight to avoid traffic, but unfortunately we couldn't avoid the traffic lights, hundreds of them making Ipswich look like a breeze to navigate through.
Darkness fell as we reached Spurs, who have started foundations for their new stadium immediately beside the current ground.

After witnessing several suicidal cyclists, pedestrians that brazenly walk out in front of the 'tour vehicle' and several moments of road rage from Stuart (unrepeatable as this is a family blog show) we quickly ticked off all the capital clubs as we entered Tuesday and headed out to Gillingham, despite Jane SatNavs best attempts to send us elsewhere.

Next was Crawley, still in darkness but we could still make out the family of foxes playing on the car park!

I'd been told to phone Brighton's security team as approached the ground who would let us do whatever we needed to do and sure enough they came up trumps, even turning the floodlights on at 3am for a pitchside piccie!

Slightly ahead of schedule we decided to delay our first break and tick off Pompey, Saints and Bournemouth as dawn broke before finding a layby on the outskirts of Poole to sleep. I say sleep, that wasn't really possible as we dozed curled up in our seats for an hour, feeling even worse than before our break!

Off to Yeovil and a tour of the ground and a signed book before the long but picturesque and sunny journey to Plymouth. Argyle were just boarding their coach to head to Leyton Orient so we didn't delay them, instead heading to Exeter where the friendliest of welcomes awaited.

Right: AFC Bournemouth

It really is the smaller clubs that go the extra mile. It would be so easy for the big boys to allow us 2 mins to walk to the side of the pitch for our photos but no, "we are unable to help".
As I write this is Bristol Rovers car park we are about to head off into Wales before hopefully spending a few hours in Swindon overnight.

Almost 24 hours in, and still only a quarter of the the way through, we had underestimated how tough this would be. Right now I have no idea how we are going to keep going until Friday afternoon......... But a few more donations in the fund will keep our chins up!



Above Left Exeter City  Right Bristol Rovers