Planning Application

It's Official

We have received Planning Permission! December 2015

The Suffolk Coastal District Council Website shows the Football Clubs application for Planning Permission to erect a new clubhouse and changing rooms adjacent to the main pitch at Dellwood Avenue has received unanimous approval from the council with no objections lodged against the plan.

Having reached this momentous point in the history of the club and having received the backing of the council, there is hope for the future of sport and in particular football on the Felixstowe Peninsular.

I am reminded of a group called the Carpenters who produced a hit record back in 1970 when Felixstowe Town were playing in the Essex & Suffolk Border League and Walton United were members of the Ipswich & District League as the club now looks ahead and begins to make plans for actually putting the plans into action.

The song was "We've only just begun!" and that is perhaps the truest statement we could possibly make going forward, we certainly need carpenters and many other tradesmen going forward but the biggest and most important thing we require is MONEY! and lots of it

Chris Daynes our Facilities Manager writes:-

First of all I want to thank our consultant Alan Lamb and club development officer Colin Butcher for their knowledge and experience in putting together a planning application that met our needs as well as stood the best chance of receiving planning consent. Many many hours of work went into planning, designing, consulting and tweaking the application and that work has paid off with this fantastic news. To receive no objections at all from any party is a huge bonus.

As fantastic as this news is, it is not the end of the road, the hard work really starts now in securing all the finances to pay for the building work. It is a daunting task in a limited timescale and, although I keep saying this, it's a challenge that will only be met with the support of the whole club, not just a minority. Without that support the work so will have been in vain and without the new facilities I honestly do not know what future this club will have.

So, we are staging a 'launch night' on Saturday 9th January from 6pm when a host of fundraising initiatives will be revealed. This night is chance for everyone with an interest to come forward, find out the finer details about the project, brainstorm ideas and hopefully start the ball rolling. Even the proceeds from the bar from this night will go into the fund so please do come along and show your support.