New Clubhouse

Above: Artists impression of proposed new build - November 2015

Why a New Clubhouse?

It had become clear over recent years that the Seasiders clubhouse at the Goldstar Ground was no longer fit for purpose, the committee of the club from A to Z had been aware of this for many years and spent countless amounts of time & energy working on options that the club could take with little or no help offered by the clubs landlords.

As the years have gone by so the building has deteriorated season on season and has literally started disintegrating, indeed most recently (November) the signage on the front of the building 'Felixstowe & Walton United FC ' fell off onto the concrete veranda that runs along the front of the building, fortunately no-one was hurt as the couple of dozen or so people who had been standing under the sign five minutes earlier had stepped inside the club due to the inclement weather.

The District Council (club landlords) have in recent years become more amenable and helpful to the club and are looking to divulge themselves of running sports facilities, consequently they have looked to individual clubs to take on the responsibility for their own affairs.

We the football club have welcomed this shift by the council and over the past couple of years have been working towards being very much responsible for our own destiny.

As a club we now run 19 junior sides of both genders involving around 250 children from 5 years to 17 plus three senior sides, but we have limited space to accommodate the sides in Victorian facilities that are an embarrassment to the town of Felixstowe, which boasts the largest port in the UK and the third largest in Europe.

Having reached a point in Mid December where we have applied for and been given planning permission for a new building, adjacent to the pitch, the club now have a huge task to raise the necessary capital to make our hopes and dreams come true.


Hopefully we can get you to take the time to read through the various plans, ideas & information the club has in this section and if you can think of or suggest anyway that you feel will be beneficial to the club please make contact!