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YOUR £70,000

The late rush of ‘Brick-Buying’ this week has meant sales have gone up to 259 Bricks, raising £12,700 towards the club's £70,000 share and with the wonderful Emirates FA Cup run the side have been on, the club have committed to funding any shortfall with the proceeds, it means we have reached our required


Chris Daynes, ably assisted by twin brother Stuart, has shown great tenacity coupled with many, many hours of hard work & lots of ingenuity to keep coming up with ‘something else’ to do that will bring in a few bob.

Speaking to Chris this morning (6/10/16) he said “It's a truly remarkable achievement, and testament to the pressing need for a new facility that so many people have contributed so much to making this project a reality.

Although the main structure of the building and basic fixtures and fittings are now funded, the fundraising doesn't stop there however, because we are now launching a 'Kit It Out' campaign to raise £5,000 to furnish the new building with all the creature comforts we need to make it an attractive, comfortable and inviting home for the football club and hopefully its many users.... the whole community.

Things like picnic benches for the outside areas; plasma screens; surround sound music and lighting system; modern, comfortable furnishings and hopefully an outside play area.

All donations large and small will be gratefully received to the 'Kit It Out' campaign, and can be sent to the football club. We will also be doing 'Kit It Out' bucket collections at every match taking place at the Goldstar Ground!”

The words, I think, speak volumes for the man and his love of, and commitment to the ‘Seasiders’

As Chris says, it doesn’t stop here!


Who was it who said, “This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end. This is merely the end of the beginning!” It could well have been Chris, the words fit so well, a man without whom we would be looking at this


 Rather than this!


What has been achieved has been truly wonderful, but we cannot stand still!

Chairman Andy Wilding writes

It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself and that is certainly the case relating to our development. For more months than I care to remember, the people involved at the football club have been willing to give up time away from the work place to donate precious free time to the cause that is the future development of the football club. In doing so, we have asked others to support the cause by donating or help in raising funds.

To all you all fantastic people I say from the heart a HUGE THANK YOU and to all the sponsors, donators, fund raisers, supporters, committee folk alike. THANK YOU.

To raise £530,000 in a little over 12 months is simply incredible!

Here’s’ to the next 12 months and the thoughts of phase two of the football club development.


 Kit It Out campaign

We are up and running!

Great gesture from our Chairman & Treasurer to get the ball rolling, they have both confirmed they don't mind if anyone joins them on the thermomenter!



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