Felixstowe & Walton United FC

New Clubhouse Build

15th August 2016 

The Goldstar Ground, Dellwood Avenue, Felixstowe. IP11 9HT

The Football Club officially announced this morning that the construction of new clubhouse and changing rooms for both juniors and seniors at the Goldstar Ground, accommodating girls and boys facilities was officially commenced on Monday 15th August.

There was a short ceremony on the site where the actual clubhouse will stand as Club President Dave Ashford lifted the first turf, surrounded by various guests and club members including councillors, members of the Suffolk Football Association and the Under Secretary of State at DEFRA, Therese Coffey MP, who has been instrumental in her role as Suffolk Coastal MP in supporting the club in its fundraising activities both financially and by helping to advertise the clubs plans via her various outlets.

After the ceremonial ‘dig’ the guests, which also included representatives of the junior section, were served refreshments in the ‘old’ Cricket Pavilion which has served as the club’s headquarters for the past 40 years.

Construction is estimated to take 26 weeks, however the time scale is very much dependent on the weather as the winter months approach, and the football club will have no serious issues if there is an over-run of 4-6 weeks with the end of April coinciding with the official end of the league season and the club’s main expectation of a finish date.

The project, costing almost £500,000 will include four changing rooms, two officials changing rooms, toilets and social area and will be available for the whole community to use, as well as the clubs 23 senior & junior teams.

It has taken two years of hard work by the small dedicated development team from within the club who have given their time freely and put together bids, arranged architects, negotiated leases and generally overseen all the preparatory work required.

Main funding grants have come from three sources - The Football Foundation which is the UK’s largest sports’ charity. Funded by the Premier League, The Football Association and the Government, the Foundation directs £30m every year into grassroots sport and they supported the clubs bid with a grant of £269,594.

The Football Stadia Improvement Fund (FSIF) provides grants to football clubs to improve their stadium facilities for players, officials and spectators and in the case of Felixstowe & Walton United awarded a grant of £88,100.

The third party to award a grant was The Veolia Environmental Trust who awarded the club £50,000 through the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF).

There have been many smaller grants that make up the total from bodies supporting the project including Suffolk Coastal District Council, Felixstowe Town Council and individual grants from councillors out of their facilities fund.

Chris Daynes, the club’s facilities manager and development co-ordinator said “The start of building work is a major milestone in our development plans. Many, myself included, doubted we would ever see this day and it is a credit to all those who have contributed that construction is underway, and we are able to see the culmination of all those efforts rising from the ground, securing facilities we desperately need if we are to continue providing future generations of the town with top class football opportunities and to become an integral hub of the community.






FRIDAY 8th JULY 2016 7pm


All club members, managers, players, friends of The Seasiders, councillors!

If you have never attended a meeting at The Goldstar Ground before, if you have ever wondered what happens at meetings at The Goldstar Ground!


There will be a major announcement at this meeting that concerns the whole future of the club, both senior and junior sections, where the club is at present, what the objectives are, what needs to be done, what timescales there are and most important where the club are with funding the proposed new clubhouse!

This is potentially the BIGGEST announcement the club has ever made!

Please do not miss it!



We are reaching a crucial time with our Development Fund!

We have done brilliantly to reach £37,000 but we still have a way to go to reach our target. The club is committed to raising £70,000 towards the building costs and if we achieve this we will secure over £400,000 of 'matched funding' from various grant bodies.

We've come so far, and are within touching distance of securing the football clubs future. The building contractor has been chosen and work COULD start as early as the summer, but without the remaining money the whole project is at risk.

I've said from the outset 18 months ago when we started drawing up plans that we need the WHOLE of the club to come together to make this happen.

It's estimated that 800 people are directly involved with the football club, many more indirectly.

I pull no punches when I say that only a minority have contributed towards us getting to where we currently are. We have almost exhausted the resources of that minority!

So that leaves us having to reach out to the majority who have yet to 'buy into' the project or contribute.

Saturday was a prime example of the heartening and also disheartening nature of the fundraising.

On one hand we had individuals handing over cheques, 'buy a brick forms' and donating the proceeds of their half time raffle and bonus ball winnings.

On the other hand we asked every person who came to the snack bar during the morning (approx 60 people) if they would like to contribute to the new building by buying an Easter Draw ticket and this resulted in just ONE single £1 ticket being sold.

Now, we don't expect people to get their chequebooks out (but thanks to those who have!),we are fully aware that fundraising is difficult due to the demands on people who are already contributing to the 'running costs' of the football club through their signing on fee, travel & kit costs, money spent in the bar/snack bar etc.

But, if the majority bought the odd raffle ticket, put their loose change in the donation bucket, supported fundraisers like next weeks curry night or bought a brick we will soon reach our target and we will soon be in a brand new building and continuing to provide football facilities for decades to come.

If only the minority continue to contribute we will not reach that target and the project will fail!

If that happens there is no 'Plan B'. All our efforts for the last 18 months have been to make sure 'Plan A' succeeds.

So I urge everybody reading this to play their part, no matter how small.

Please contribute anyway you can, whether it's a £1 Easter draw ticket or  a £40 engraved brick.

Once you have, please spread the word to friends, family or workmates.

This club isn't perfect, we all have things we don't agree with or can be blinkered towards our own team or section. We all have disagreements and opinions on what we would do differently or change about the club, that's understandable in a club made up of so many teams of varying ages and with varying goals from little Johnny just starting out training to semi-pro players playing in the football league pyramid system. BUT..... If there's one thing that EVERYONE should agree on its that our facilities desperately need replacing with something that is fit for purpose and to help the club continue to grow.

TOGETHER we can do this, let's not miss the greatest opportunity we have ever had to create something special for ALL of us.



February 2016

This section of the website was created in February 2016 to hopefully show all the elements involved in the creation of the proposed new facility and give club members and indeed anyone outside the club who have an interest, an insight into just what the club is doing and where the income and expenditure is, some of these figures will be rounded up/down to the nearest ‘Tenner’ to try and keep it as simple as possible, but always showing, we hope, what is involved.

We welcome any feed back people may have and the webmaster will be happy to create a page for comments providing they are constructive.

This is a large project long overdue in the town of Felixstowe and it will hopefully be the beacon that lights the way for other sports and sporting facilities in the town and Peninsula area.


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