Life Behind Bars

Well, Life behind the Seasiders Bar actually!

The business of football.

They say money talks. That certainly applies in the football world, from the Etihad to the Goldstar Ground and everywhere in-between. Until a sheikh makes a wrong turn and finds himself in Dellwood Avenue we are left to finance the running of this growing football club ourselves.

One similarity between the professionals and clubs at our level is the need to operate as a business and develop ways of raising money to invest in the structure of the club, without the big payouts from TV rights. Football grounds like ours almost become 7 day a week venues because no club whatever the level can survive just on the income through the turnstile on a Saturday.

It's partly for this reason that myself and my partner Kate were installed as full time facilities managers in the Summer and almost three months into the job we thought we would update you on the behind the scenes happenings at the club. As well as managing the day-to-day operations on the whole of the site, increasing the fan base and running the bar and catering, big strides have been made in introducing many more businesses to the club and developing relationships with those businesses that will hopefully see many years of mutual benefits.

If you were to take a look at the club accounts that were discussed at the AGM you will see the kind of income required to sustain football for all our sides at their current level. If we are to continuously improve across all levels, juniors and seniors, we require more funding because it is a difficult job directing money into a development fund without having an adverse affect on spending in other areas of the club. As long as there is thousands to pay out each year on pitch fees for our juniors and renting decaying wooden buildings from the council, we will have to raise money over and above current income to fund future development projects.

It will take a while, there is no hiding from that fact!

The club are fortunate to have many valuable sponsors and we are delighted that over 25 brand new businesses have backed the Seasiders this season. If you are at the game this weekend you will see that a further batch of pitch side boards have been installed and we are in negotiations with other companies on a daily basis to sign more deals, both in monetary terms and in kind.

A big thank you to the people and also the businesses that have helped with ground improvements over the summer. It's difficult to do too much to the ground because the money is better spent going towards the new planned facilities (8k required for planning stage), but we have tried to spruce the place up a little bit.

The hospitality building has been tidied up and new sink and plumbing installed, The tea bar has been repainted, the clubhouse bar has been given a much needed face lift, new admission price signage was installed this week (thanks to more sponsorship!) and when you look at the new boards all around the ground, it is starting to look more like a football ground!

As I said, it will take time but we will get there. Sometimes from the outside it might not look as if things are moving forward but behind the scenes I can assure you they are. Please keep supporting all the new and existing fundraising initiatives and the regular events and hopefully we will be able to get to where we want to be just a little bit sooner.

Our door is always open, if you want to discuss anything from commercial opportunities, social events, fundraising or anything else please do not hesitate to come and chat with us.

It's what we are here for!

Chris & Kate