Community Club Membership



(known as “Social Club” for this notice)


The directors and managers of the Social Club are seeking candidates to form a General Committee to support and contribute to the ongoing operation of the social club. The candidates for the committee will be elected by formal ballot. The ballot will be conducted over two consecutive weekends.

To be nominated as a candidate you must have been a member of the Social Club for a minimum of three months and be over the age of 18yrs.

Each candidate for office must be proposed & seconded by two individual members of the Social Club. Both of whom have been members of the Social Club for a minimum of three months and be over the age of 18 yrs.

Nomination sheets for this purpose are available from the bar or click here to download. Completed nomination forms should be returned to the bar for submission. Alternatively click here to submit a nomination online. Nominations will be posted on the Social Club notice board for seven clear days before the commencement of the ballot.  

As an elected officer or committee member you must have the commitment to attend a monthly committee meeting. You will be required, when needed, to assist the facility managers in the running of the Social Club at functions/events.

It is expected that you will be an ambassador for the Social Club, both out in the community, and in the club environment.

This is an opportunity for the members with the necessary commitment to be actively involved in taking the Social Club into a successful future.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact CEO Andy Wilding or a Facility Manager(s) Chris Daynes/Colin Butcher.  

You are invited to apply as per the following: -

The Social Club general committee structure will be




four committee members

Two ex officio members

Remit for Officers & Committee Members

The Chairman.  Presides over the monthly meetings.

                             Assists the secretary in arranging the monthly agenda.

                             To be the conduit between membership & committee.

                             To be the conduit between committee & facilities managers.

                             When required, to specifically preside over committee

                             members allocated duties.

                             To preside over membership applications & subscriptions.


The Secretary.  To attend monthly meetings.

                             To take minutes of proceedings

                             Assist the Chairman in arranging the monthly meeting.

                             To post all notices in connection with general & annual meetings.

                             To ensure that all required paperwork is in order. 

                             To keep a register of all Social Club members.

                             To post notice of Social Club officers & committee members.

                             To deal with Social Club correspondence from members.


The Treasurer.   will work closely with the finance director & Social Club managers

                              Will report on the current financial status.  

                              Will report on budgets for ongoing projects.

                              A rudimentary knowledge of book keeping would be useful.


Committee 1.     A senior football club representative.

                              To attend monthly meetings.

                              You will be a conduit between the senior football club & the                                                     

                               Social Club. You will be required to report on the status of  

                               senior football activities & requisites.


Committee 2.      A junior football club representative.

                              To attend monthly meetings.

                              You will be a conduit between the junior football club & the                                                      

                               Social Club. You will be required to report on the status of                                             

                               Junior football activities & requisites.


Committee 3.      Events & functions coordinator.

                               You will be required to liaise with the facility managers

                               to assist with the planning & organisation of events.


Committee 4.     Member without portfolio.


Committee 5/6. The directors & managers of the Social Club will be ex officio members of the all committees.