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Welcome to the Seasiders official website 2017/18.

2016 was the dawn of a new era for the club, an ever growing youth section, the first sod being turned and the first brick being laid for our new home.

The building of the clubhouse which we now call home was a long time in the planning & construction and it was all done with one objective, to take our club and all its teams, both senior and junior, to a better place on the football map!

Hopefully 2017/18 will see us consolidate our place and go from strength to strength.

Join us on the Journey, bring a friend, there’s room for everyone!



The Games Keep Coming!

We Keep Playing

Updated 5pm Wednesday 4th April 2018

A Silver Lining and a Bright Future

A letter from Carole

As we near the business end of the season, it’s been stop-start for the First Team (and many other teams in the Thurlow Nunn) as clubs have battled to keep pitches playable and have, more often than not, been beaten by the weather. 

As a supporter, while seeing the home game to Coggeshall and away games to Fakenham and Ely all postponed due to bad weather and the match to Fakenham abandoned due to a serious injury, there has been a silver lining in the form of our Reserve and U18 teams.  After some re-jigging of venues, The Reserves managed to play on Saturday 31st March at Ransome’s Sports Pavilion and won their semi-final of the Suffolk Senior Reserve Cup against Haverhill Rovers, so are in the final!  And the Under 18s put in a sterling performance on Tuesday evening (3rd April) at the Goldstar to really test (and, in my opinion out-play) Bury’s under-18s in the Suffolk U18s cup. This was a real treat and shows just what a wealth of talent we have at the club.  The future is certainly bright! 

There’s another chance to support the Under 18s on Thursday 5th when they play at Whitton United in the Thurlow Nunn Youth Cup as well as the Reserves who are away to Witham Town on Saturday 7th.  What with those and the First Team away game to Wroxham also on Saturday, there’s plenty to look forward to and opportunities for us to support the teams, near and far.

End Of Season

Dinner Dance

Updated 11am Thursday 22nd March 2018

We are hoping this seasons Dinner Dance will be one of celebration and that we get an excellent turn out that will include many of our supporters, why not come and join us!



Great Sunday For Youth Section

Updated 0900 Monday 12th March

Great to see the clubs youth section doing so well, below is how they fared in cup competitions at the weekend, always worth a look on a Saturday morning!
The Under 9's Reds won in the semi final 4-0 away to Chantry Grasshoppers.
Goals from Ashton, Keaton, George and Cian. They will play Eye in Cup Final.
The Under 10's Reds won in the Plate semi final 5-1 away to Bacton 89 United. Goals scored by Teddy x3, Joe, Stanley. They will play Kesgrave Kestral Town in the final.
The Under 11's Reds won 3-2 on penalties against their under 11 counterparts after a 1-1 draw after normal time. They will play Salvation Army Saints in the Plate final!
The Under 12's Reds won 4-0 away to Ipswich Valley Rangers and will play Woodbridge Town in the Plate final!
The Under 15's beat Ipswich Valley Rangers 8-1 Plate Semi. Scores E. Taylor (5) M Russell, B Hunt, E.Harrington. They meet Whitton United Greens in the final!
Well done everyone, flying the Seasiders flag!

Share Your Story

Updated 1pm Friday 9th March 33309

Share Your Seasiders story

Seasiders TV is looking for you to share your Seasiders story. If you have any connection at all with Felixstowe and Walton United FC and have an interesting, funny, emotional, or nostalgic story or memory, we’d love to hear it.

We are looking to collect and show a range of short stories, which Seasiders TV will share in a variety of formats including text and short film clips (each one a maximum of two minutes long).

If you are interested in sharing your story please contact us by

e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Saturday Afternoons at the Goldstar

Carole Writes

Updated 10am Monday 5th February 2018

What should I do on a Saturday when the Seasiders aren’t playing?  Clean the car?  Go shopping? Curl up on the sofa and watch Jeff Stelling round up all the Saturday results?  No – go and watch a match somewhere!  And even though the idea of driving to Needham Market or Woodbridge was appealing, the draw to the Goldstar Ground was stronger….. and it was well worth it!  It was the first time I’d watched the Seasiders Reserves and I wasn’t disappointed (and that was not all down to the result!)  As Mark Owen points out in his matchday report (do read it if you haven’t yet!),  there was some great skill on display and it was encouraging to see not only Jake Preston make an impression, but many other youngsters too, in addition to four of our regular first-teamers.  

On top of that, there was a lively atmosphere among the 100 or so supporters (I wasn’t the only Seasiders regular with the same idea) and every week, the Goldstar is becoming more and more one of my favourite places to be to meet people with similar interests and to feel part of the community that Felixstowe and Walton FC fosters so well.

Next week, I’ll be back watching the First Team, but will be going to the Reserve matches now whenever I have the chance.   I’ve already got withdrawal symptoms when I think about the Summer – I can’t spend 8 Saturdays cleaning the car!  Maybe the management can put on some extra matches in the close season?! J



Carl Giles Cartoon!

1989 - Special People

Updated 1000Hrs Saturday 27th January

In the dim and distant past, before there were floodlights on the Town Ground, the club had some excellent sponsors, before sponsorship really took hold. One of our main sponsors was Neville Cornforth, Managing Director/Owner of Specialised Fixings… without people like Neville at that time, the club certainly wouldn’t be where it is today.

Right: Neville Cornforth present Dave Ashford with the cartoon

Sadly, Neville lost his wife some 18 months ago - they were living in Stowmarket, but now he is on his own he has decided to move to Felixstowe. With him moving to a smaller place, he has some surplus furniture and goods, one of which is a Carl Giles cartoon. This was specifically drawn for the then Felixstowe Town, depicting our battle for floodlights, intended for and sold at our first Sportsmans dinner in 1989. The original was bought by Barry Gould, in an auction, and presented to Dave Ashford, who has it still, safe and sound to this day.

There were also 4 copies done of the original drawing, one of which belonged to Neville, and he has kindly and very generously presented the cartoon to the football club. He presented it to DHA last week when he visited the club to see his ‘Brick in the Wall!” and hopefully it will shortly appear on the clubhouse wall, if not already there! It’s brilliant!

Enjoy the view!  


They Charged HOW MUCH?

Life above Thurlow Nunn

Spanner has his say!

Updated 11am Thursday 25th January 2018

How much?

Many seasiders fans got a bit of a surprise when they saw the extortionate admission prices at Histon last Saturday, at £8 for adults and £5 concessions it's certainly the most expensive step five admission in the Country, and don't forget to add £2 parking, but that is optional.

About three years ago it was about £10, £8, £6, at step three, four and five, but over the past couple of years prices have gone up a bit, so I thought I'd look at what we'd be paying if we were in the Bostik North (Isthmian League) this season. I've found out 21 of the 24.

Nine of the clubs are charging a tenner, with our friends from AFC Sudbury coming out on top due to the £7 concession charge, the others are £5/6 for old gits. Only Bury and Tilbury charge £9, Barking £8.50 (there's always one), the rest are £8 except Haringay Borough who are £7/3. But hardly anybody pays this as they give away FREE season tickets. Whether it works or not is debatable, they are playing well this season and might have generated some interest anyway, especially with that mob down the road playing at Wembley this season. A friend walked into their big game V Orient in the FA Trophy this season, an old bloke behind showed his season ticket, was told it was £3 due to it being a big cup match, he turned around and went home.

We all knew we'd have to spend a bit more watching our boys next season, but it could be more than some of us thought, but I'm sure we'll do a fair deal on our season tickets, but not quite as fair as Haringay.

Needham Market in 3 weeks time will be £11/7, on goes the hat for that one, my wife reckons it makes me look older, and being a tight git, every little helps.



Life from the Terrace

“It’s a funny old game”
From Neil Updated 1400 15th January 2018
I thought it was time to cast my mind back and looks at Ups and downs of the Christmas period .
Let’s start with the 16th Dec. 5pm driving back from Stowmarket with my car’s heating on full blast trying to defrost my feet which have turned to blocks of ice ,the home fan’s singing still ringing in my ears “Can we play you every week? & top of the league your having a laugh”. Still I expected a tough game and we got one, we’d soon get back on track against Haverhill at home next Saturday.
23rd Dec. 5pm enjoying a pint after the game congratulating some really nice guys from the Haverhill committee on being the first team to take points from the Seasiders at Dellwood this season , they console me by saying they were impressed with our new set up, attendances and were sure having drawn recently at home to Coggleshall they would slip up at some point. I'm not convinced the gap was starting to come down, next up Wanderers on Boxing day surely this would be 3 points .
29th Dec. I bump into Andy Crump in a local Men’s outfitters, (clutching an armful of XL reduced price T-Shirts – No not me I’m a slim fit)  we cry over spilt milk from the day before and Andy advises me this is a temporary setback and we’d be back on track next time out. The gap at the top has narrowed again.
Sat.30th Dec. Home to Gorleston, we start well with an early goal but soon it’s nail biting stuff at 2 –2 and finally relief ,we score a good team goal fitting of winning any game.
Sat. 6th Jan. Another nervy job away from home at Long Melford , but relief at the final whistle, we win and hear Histon have held on against 10 man Coggy to clinch victory.  The Gap narrows.
Sat. 13th Jan, Home to Thetford , it’s quarter to five it’s 1 – 1, things are looking glum, the last i heard Coggy were 1 up at home to Brantham and given they had only conceded 5 goals at home this season so far (and we’d scored 2 of those) I presumed they would have gone on to do a job and the gap would have narrowed again, football’s all about fine margins, 5 minutes later there’s a spring in our step and a smile on our faces as we walk round from behind the goal to clap the players off, on the way we’re told Brantham came back and scored a later winner against Coggy.  A few fans young and old have gone over to Milo to congratulate him on scoring a stunning winner , The gap to Coggy is now back to as you were.
All that for only £ 10. a game including programme, cup of tea and 50/50 half time draw, at a time when you don’t get a lot for a tenner, that’s a lot of entertainment and I suspect there’s plenty more to come between now the end of the season


Confirming Non-League Football – Alive & Well!

Long Melford V Seasiders

Result – irrelevant

Updated 1130 8th January 2018

We always like to think our supporters are well behaved when travelling to other grounds and are always disappointed if we hear unsavoury things. On Saturday at Stoneylands the usual ‘band of brothers!’ gathered behind the home goal to cheer/boo/oooh,aaah, dependent on what was happening in front of them.

The villagers ‘keeper was a replacement for regular custodian Darren Moyes, and was ‘doubling up’ on his role as assistant manager, although I have been assured he didn’t get double pay for the afternoon which would have taken him up to £0 for the week.

Anyway, a good natured chap who was happy to swap banter with the Seasiders supporters, while wearing a ‘pink’ … ‘keepers top, blaming the usual custodian for taking the regular jumper home with him.


Asked by the travellers where/what had happened to Darren Moyes, Josh Shepherd the assistant manager/stand in goalie replied quite innocently that he was ‘watching a panto’, to which there was an immediate response from the Seasiders…

“Oh No, He Isn’t!!!”

You’ve gotta love Non-League …



A Look Back at 2017

2017 has been quite a year for the Seasiders!

The calendar year started with a defeat for the first team in a feisty affair on January 2nd away at Gorleston and it was the Greens who were the visitors to the Goldstar Ground to see out 2017 yesterday, and a vital win for the Seasiders.

The first team stats for the year make incredible reading!....... (League only)

Played 50  Won 40  Drawn 2 Lost 8

Scored 136 (2.72 goals per game) Conceded 42 (0.84 goals per game) Points 122 (2.44 points per game).

Off the pitch the figures are equally remarkable.

2017 has seen 25 home league games at the Goldstar Ground with a total of 7,948 spectators clicking through the turnstiles. This is an average of 318 per game, although, since August we have averaged 394 in this current campaign!

120 season ticket holders at this level is staggering.

2017 has also seen many other highlights. The big one being the move into our new pitchside complex and it's fair to say this has been a huge success, although not without its teething problems, as can be expected from any new building and a new way of doing everything.


Sponsorship continues to grow, matchday income has doubled, bar and clubhouse takings have almost trebled as the social club management team attempt to turn it into a venue capable of maximising income streams for the benefit of the whole football club. 

The support has grown to a huge degree. Felixstowe was never thought to be a football town but times have changed and now more and more people want to be part of what is happening in Dellwood Avenue. The way the supporters and the club have engaged with each other, the camaraderie amongst Seasiders at home and particularly away is something we could only have dreamed about in past years. 

A thriving junior section, successful Real Madrid clinic, best ever junior and senior presentation days, a host of non-football events such as the Firework display that broke all attendance and fundraising records all contributed towards a wonderful year.

Have we got it all right? Probably not. Is it through a lack of trying? Absolutely not!

Let's focus on the positives rather than the negatives and realise that everyone is trying their very best to make this club the best it can be.

When you taste success on and off the pitch people expect that upward curve to continue. There will always be dips along the way but in the end the on and off field 2017 has been a monumental calendar year for Felixstowe & Walton United FC and 2018 promises to be even better.

We have our first ever Championship to earn, we will never have a better opportunity for taking this club into Step 4 football and with 2 going up this season, 13 wins from the final 17 games will seal promotion, although we want to go up as Champions not runners up!


We just need to take each game as it comes, chalk off the wins and not worry about what anyone else is doing and come next August the team can be making their way out of the tunnel in front of you guys in the Bostik League.

The ground will continue to be upgraded, providing more comfort and extra facilities for supporters and the social club will continue to develop and provide something for all.

We could also see the first steps towards an academy later in 2018 and continued progression from the U6's through every age group, boys and girls, right through to the U18's and Reserves and into the First Team.

One thing is for sure, YOU the supporters have played a huge role in achieving what we have during 2017 and we will need every one of you again in 2018 to keep on this upward curve.

Keep on telling your family and friends about what's going on at the Goldstar, continue supporting the off-field social events and fundraising schemes, keep being that 12th member of the team and most of all make sure you all stay with us on this fantastic journey in 2018!








Happy New Year to each and every one of you.



YOUR contribution and view's are what this page is all about! Please do not submit abusive or derogatory comments!

Contributions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Submitted by Barry Grossmith 28/11/17

Hi, I think the Fans Forum is a great idea and would like to ask

"What is the strength of the club's ambition regarding promotion? Is the aim to move up a step or two or is it to move up as far as is possible, and does the club believe that the wonderful community spirit will remain regardless of how much the club advances through the pyramid?" 

Good start! 

You'll have to attend to hear the answer!

Would you like to ask a Question?

Want to know the clubs plans?

Want them to include YOU!

This season has been phenomenal already, and we won't be half way through until after Saturdays game at Brantham, (if you are reading this after the 25th please read in past tense!!!!)

The club management and committee realise what a hugely important role you the fans have played in where we currently find ourselves and want to make sure we are all singing off the same hymn sheet going forward.

This meeting will hopefully be the first of many involving the fans, committee and management, where we can discuss and explain the clubs plans going forward and what ours and hopefully your feelings about the future are!

If you would like something on the agenda. please e-mail webmaster, as above and we will try and fit it in on the evening.

It will also be a good evening to get to know the management better, let's make it a worthwhile evening, come along and listen and have your say if you wish!

Oh! And the bar will be open!


Team of highly paid superstars, or just a good team?

On arriving at Godmanchester, the first home supporter I bumped into told me, "We're going to thrash you today." I replied, "If we play as well as we did last week, you may be right!" I was hoping for a chat after the game but he had already gone by the final whistle. After the game, another Gentleman said, "I would hate to pay your squad’s wages!"

Some of the comments made on social media and pitch side by away supporters seem to suggest we may have assembled a team of highly paid players from higher levels of football, especially to win the title this year.

A quick look at some of our players might reveal something different.                                                                                                                Above: Team Coffee at Haverhill Borough!

Wind the clock back 13 years or so and we would find our multi award winning player of the year, midfield dynamo Jordan Matthews, playing for Felixstowe under 14's, move forward a few years and we find Miles Powell, our current top scorer, and Jordy, playing in the same Felixstowe under 18’s and then the reserve side… move on another year or so and we have a very slender looking Danny Crump, playing in the first team with Jordy & Miles!   Wind the clock forward a year or two and Dan Davis joins the team, signing from the SIL league - another player who has played for Felixstowe through thick and thin, at times struggling in the bottom third of the league.

Four top players who have spent the majority of their time playing in the Red & White (Or Green) of Felixstowe. Felixstowe, through and through.

Thank-you for your service to the club, lads.

Add in our Captain, Rhys, who has been with us for 4 years this time around, and along with Dan, part of the meanest defence in step 5 football.

So there we have it - not all the squad have been drafted in at great expense especially to ensure we win the title this year, far from it - the spine of the team has worked together for a quite a while now!

PS: Dan put his hat in the ring today at Haverhill for the goal of the season (or so he says!), must have been from all of 2 yards out, (possibly even further!) nearly bursting the net.


12th November 2014


Home and Away

The latest first team match report (Godmanchester away), which pointed out the 800 miles covered in the last 4 away games, made me reflect on how much of the local area I’m getting to see since I started following the Seasiders. 

Being relatively new to the area, I have found the away games a great way to get to know or re-visit some places that would have been off the radar in my normal life. Added to that, the friendly away support has meant that both my husband and I can say hello to a few people and feel a shared camaraderie (not to mention sing a few songs!). 

That makes it sound like the football is secondary, and of course it’s not – the thrills and spills of what each match is going to bring have been the main attraction.  Now, after 20 years of following a premier league team both home and away, I’ve finally seen the light. 

I’m now supporting a team and a club I really feel I can get to know, understand and appreciate at a local level; I can feel the determination, hard work and emotions going into every game. Now that’s worth at least 800 miles, plus the 1000 or so to come for the rest of the season! 

Carole Robinson


Miles one man Goal Of The Season competition!
Miles continues his one man goal of the season campaign , for those who did not make the trip against Kirkley you missed two stunners , not sure about his tap ins (Thetford)





My days of watching Non-League football stretch back to the 50’s, when my ‘Team’ were Kempston Rovers, and when my Dad treated me, we went across the River Ouse and watched ‘The Eagles’ AKA Bedford Town. And I well remember the great FA Cup games against The Arsenal, I mention it because the times they are a changing!

In January 1956, Bedford Town played Arsenal in an FA Cup replay, in front of 15,306 spectators at the Eyrie. They lost 2-0… they had drawn at Highbury 2-2, in front of 55,178 spectators - that’s 70,000 people watching a Southern League side playing football, albeit against a star studded First Division club.

That season, Kempston Rovers were playing in the United Counties league (finished runners up) and regularly drew crowds of 700/800 as a norm.

Fast forward to today, and Bedford Town are still a Southern League club, attracting an average of 252 spectators to home games, whilst Kempston Rovers are also a Southern League side in the same division as Bedford Town, attracting average home crowds of 222.

In those days, Felixstowe Town and Walton United were playing Ipswich & District League Football. I don’t have attendance records for those days, but I’m guessing it was the proverbial one man and his dog at Walton Rec or the Town Ground.

Now, all I can say is Wow!

I have said for many a year that given modern facilities, instead of a cricket pavilion 80 yards from the pitch, as homely and picturesque as it may be, and the very basic of facilities to watch the game, this club would take massive leaps forward in a town where there is tremendous potential!

And won’t you look at us now!

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of what will be an amazing journey for the football club - the potential is huge, and everyone getting involved is going to be part of that journey. The club have only just pulled out of the station… it won’t all happen overnight, but the Seasiders have got the momentum, and with a growing fan base, who’s to say where it will end!

Latest Attendance Records

Neil's been hedging his bets!

Having enjoyed combining two of my favourite pastimes recently, travelling by motorcycle to Coggeshall & Thetford to watch Seasiders’ victories, after much discussion with my wife, we decided mutually I wouldn’t be going to the match that could bring our winning tally to 13 games. Never mind, I had gained some valuable brownie points by announcing I would cut the hedge - you know, one of those horrible jobs that strangely seem to be taking a back seat now the football season has started. 
Saturday morning, I telephoned "Old Dave", my good friend and ace reporter who would be pitch side. Would I like half time and full time scores, he asks? Absolutely not, I said, I would need up to date goal action as it happened, by text no less. (to ramp up the tension!)

Saturday 2pm: I start on the 10-foot hedge - the danger of the ladder falling through the hedge, perhaps severing a limb, combined with all those little Itchy clippings dropping down the back of my collar, ending up who knows where (!) makes this a job I particularly hate - still, the sun is shining and I'm in a good mood.

Shortly after three, at the top of the ladder, my Nokia springs into life, vibrating in my pocket. This feels promising… excellent, news coming through of the first goal. With great anticipation, I clamber down the ladder, hedge trimmer in hand, take off my mask, hat & gloves, fumbling around trying to get at my phone, which is in my jeans, under my overalls. Oh. 1 - down. 

Never mind, it's very early days - phone back in pocket, hat, mask & gloves on, I clamber back to the top of the ladder. Almost immediately, more news coming through from my pitch side reporter. This would be the equaliser! Scrambling down the ladder, I disrobe again.  Argh! 2 - down!  Hmmm… still very early days. (Come on boys, give Old Dave the chance to get the text away, he’s not the quickest!)

Anyway, I climb back up the ladder. A few minutes later, the phone vibrates again.  Surely this must be good news?  Well, you know the rest. By this time, my mood had soured somewhat, and somehow, I’ve managed to cut a hole in the felt on my shed roof.

Still, all is not lost - the hedge is cut, I still have all my limbs, have not been electrocuted and the Seasiders are still top of table. It's only a game after all. On Tuesday, we have an early chance to make amends - tough match, though!!  

Come on, you Reds!!



The Middle of Nowhere.

"If we can win here, we can win anywhere".

That was what I said to my traveling companions as we wound our way through the country lanes into the middle of nowhere!

I also commented how London clubs must feel when drawing Walsham-le-willows in the FA competitions and then trying to find the place in their coach, probably thinking East Anglia was still to have electric and inside toilets as they navigated the lanes!

Of course when arriving at the ground it would become clear that Walsham possess excellent facilities for a 'village club', particularly over the road with their all-weather pitches.

Walsham-le-Willows. The very mention of the name brings me out into cold sweats. For as long as I can remember we've struggled there every year, although I think I do recall one win that I wasn't present at....

Last year was particularly depressing. We were on a long winning run and, as is the usual case you could tell ten minutes into the game it wasn't going to be our day. Having scrambled a late equaliser, we set about pressing for a winner before being caught with a killer punch with the last kick (or head) of the game to lose it and we made the customary depressing journey home.

This year is different.

As I've said in my programme notes, we seem to be finding a way to win the tough games this year. Whereas in previous seasons we'd have ended up losing matches like these, there is steel, resolve and a will to win that when add to our undoubted quality makes a formidable side.

Another difference is the strength in depth. Just look at the bench each week and you're confident that if things aren't going so well, or someone is having an off day, there is quality on the bench that can come on and change the game, something lacking in previous seasons.

Back to last night. 

I spend a lot of my time at the club with my head in ground grading documents, making sure we meet current regulations and planning all the various developments taking place. So when I go to away games I find myself looking around with my ground grading head on!

Having spent afternoons touring the Goldstar and listening to ground inspectors tutting about a slightly uneven bit of concrete or an overhanging branch I sometime wonder if it's 'one rule for us, one for everyone else!'. Take Clacton as an example...... rubble and broken metal strewn around, uneven and broken walkways, missing pitchside barriers, unsafe stands.... you get the picture! What does the inspector say when he goes there?! And I'm not talking about Step 4 level, I'm talking about requirements to stay in the Thurlow Nunn League!

So as I walk into Summer Road, Walsham, I can see the lovely new blockpaving area that has connected the old clubhouse to the new changing room complex behind the goal and looks fantastic. But what's that crunching noise under my feet? Gravel. Yes gravel, covering the pitchside car park and right up to the perimeter spectator barriers on the stand side of the pitch. "What's the problem", I hear you cry! Well, those of us behind the scenes at Dellwood Avenue will know gravel is not permitted inside our ground, it can be used as weapon apparently! We've had gravel areas in the past that had to be concreted instead and even the narrow drainage channel of gravel under the veranda at our new clubhouse was highlighted by ground inspectors as not being suitable. So why is it ok for some clubs but not us? One rule for all I say, especially for newly developed grounds like Summer Road.

I know, I know, I need to get out more!

On the pitch the first half was almost one way traffic. Franny on one side and chappers on the other side added to the threat from Milo through the middle and it was a daunting task for the walsham rearguard, unsure where the attacking threat was coming from next. We looked like scoring each time we surged forward, but had to make do with just the one goal to show for our efforts by the break.

The previous night I'd made the long trip (and even longer trip back but that's another story!) to watch my beloved Lincoln City play Barnet in League Two and witnessed almost a carbon copy of a match, Lincoln dominating Barnet in the opening period and they could and should have been 4 or 5 goals up by the break, but had to settle for 2-0. The second half was a different story with City getting nervous and seeming to stop playing and doing what they did so well in the first half (2-0 is a dangerous score line) as Barnet came back into the game, pulled a goal back and threatened an equaliser before the Imps held on for the 3 points.

The second half at Walsham had a similar feel. All of a sudden we weren't getting much joy as the home side came out strong and we were guilty of giving the ball away too much in our own half, almost inviting pressure. Here's where the difference is this season though. Last year and previous years we would have folded and ended up losing the game, this season we battled, rode the storm from a Walsham side who also knew they'd done it to us before... and still created chances ourselves. The second goal wouldn't come, excellent game management saw out the final few nervy minutes and the large contingent of visiting supporters relief at the final whistle was evident as the rain teemed down.

There must have been 50-60 Seasiders in the attendance last night. It shouldn't surprise me, but still does every week!

So, as I said at the beginning, if we can win here, we can win anywhere. Good job too because if you look at the next month we have some very difficult matches on the road at Kirkley, Gorleston, goddy and Wisbech in the Vase. But before then a trip to Saffron Walden on Saturday. A place we have enjoyed success before so I'm looking forward to this one.

Just a word from Stuart on our way home last night. "It's the 13th match though.....". Please lads, let's ignore superstitions, bring home the 3 points once again and continue this fantastic season. I'm enjoying the ride and I don't want to get off yet...... especially as we've got a visit from the ground grading inspectors to come the week after next with a view to ticking the promotion boxes. Now where's the broom to sweep those small stones outside the club?!




From: Barry Grossmith by e-mail 18:57 19th September

After we moved to Felixstowe in March this year the big question was “who to follow?”, Ipswich, Colchester or Felixstowe. After one visit to the Goldstar Ground the answer was clear. It had to be Felixstowe and Walton United.

Being really disillusioned with top flight football, experiencing such a friendly atmosphere at the Goldstar, watching a team that was clearly working really hard to succeed and learning that the club was running over 20 teams and ready to expand on that number…..well, it was a no brainer. For 2017/18 we have both become members, seen every game so far apart from Clacton away which we couldn’t make (still we won 3-0) we are seriously hooked. And we’ve got the scarves and hats as well !!

Our support for the club has nothing to do with how well the first team is doing at the moment as brilliant as that is. Even after that Brantham debacle in the cup we still couldn’t wait for the next game. Total respect to everyone who has been following the club for years and years and for us it’s just so good to feel part of a real football family and community.

Right this minute we’re just off out of the door to watch the cup match against Whitton United.  Come on you Seasiders.


Barry and Carole

e-mail address supplied

From :Jeffrey Peck by e-mail 21:26 16th September

I used to watch an odd game when I could and always enjoyed games at Felixstowe. I started going regularly half way through season and thoroughly enjoyed the brand of football on offer. Being a season ticket holder at Portman Road for many years I chose to watch Felixstowe instead of watching Ipswich at the end of last season. This year I chose to have a season ticket at the Goldstar ground and have not regretted it for one moment. The football seen is of real quality and exciting, thanks to everybody involved for giving me so much pleasure, have been to every game home and away. For those who have not yet been you are missing a real treat and and I would recommend an afternoon at Dellwod Avenue for anybody who enjoys watching a good standard of football, you won't regret it.


e-mail address supplied

From: Neil Shipley by e-mail 0815 16th September

What a perfect Friday night, we finished work had a curry at the Bombay Nite followed by Friday night football., I walked home with my son Jon absolutely buzzing . (his words)

What’s happened to our team ? last four games, one with 10 men away for 80 mins  , 3 very tricky fixtures  18 goals scored , 2 conceded . we seem to have the same players playing to a much higher standard. scoring many goals from open play, Stuart Ainsley getting up and down the field great in defence not getting booked spraying the ball all round the field from both feet,

Sherry back to his best whether in mid-field or right back.  Jordy chasing down everything and when we break from our own half never just punts the ball away , looks to set up an attack . Chappers looks back to his best great control passing and dribbling and last but by no means least what’s happened to Miles Powell. (scored 6 goals last season , from 18 starts & 9 more from the bench), his second goal last night was a pure goal scorers effort,  with two men hard on his heels picking just the right moment to cut across one of them just inside the box, taking them both out of the game before un-leashing an unstoppable shot. 

So what’s happened , I think probably the size of the crowds, the new facilities ,the softness of the pitch , and the arrival of Joe Francis has all helped ,  long may it continue.

Hopefully we can carry on the same when we play the teams who do not come to play,  (you know the ones)

Best wishes


e-mail address supplied

When I was a young boy, I always loved opening my weekly comic and reading about Roy of the Rovers. From memory, Melchester Rovers used to win every week, and usually their brilliant centre forward Roy Race would score a hat trick or a late winner. 

I don't recall the stories being that far fetched, they were just better than the other teams, and always won. But had they tried to pull the wool over my eyes with a ridiculous yarn, even as a nine year old I might have questioned it.

Maybe something like this!

First cup game of the season, getting stuffed 2-7 at home to a side who we thought we'd beat comfortably, then 68 minutes into the first league game a week later, being 1-3 down and seemingly doomed. Only for a brilliant come back to win 4-3, then beat our next 8 opponents to sit proudly on top of the table by 6 points, played 9 won 9. 

Then, the icing on the cake, to comprehensively beat that lot that beat us seven weeks ago 5-1! Come off it, even a gullible nine year old would have thought that the writer of the comic was losing the plot, and I'd have probably asked my Mum to cancel my weekly comic subscription, and instead of ordering Tiger each week, maybe get the Beano or Dandy.

But strange things do happen, and a massive well done to Kev, Watty and all the players for this remarkable run - after some games we try and be cynical and try and pick holes in our performances, but it's nigh on impossible, from 1-11 (plus subs), everyone's playing great. WE ARE LOVING IT!!!!!

Thought for the day though!

One national table tells us we’re top step 5 (or level 9 if you prefer) side in the Country. This should mean we'd be one of the favourites for the vase, but the Bookies (who are usually right) have got us at 66/1 for that wonderful competition that we hope to eventually have a decent run in this season. I think the Bookies aren't far off the mark, as we only have to look at the FA Cup 2nd qualifying round this weekend to see that of the 14 divisions at step 5, our league is the only one without representation. But it still didn't stop me having a senior moment and chucking a few quid on us to win it. 

Now we've got more supporters than we ever dreamt of, it would be nice to have more thoughts of supporters - this is why I've kept this fairly short… didn't want to put other supporters off, by thinking that War and Peace is what is required! 



Zak Brown Scores For England

Ex Seasider Shines on debut

Updated 2pm 5th September

Former Junior Seasider Zak Brown fulfilled many a schoolboys dream by representing England at U16 level last month.

Zak, who is a pacey, combative striker, excelled at the Seasiders before finally being picked up by the Tractor boys back in 2015, since when he has gone from strength to strength, representing the Blues at higher age group levels and continues to bang in the goals.

In the middle of August, Zak got confirmation that he would be on "Standby" for the U16's Three lions for two internationals at St Georges Park, the first V Turkey and the second Romania.

Above - Zac scores on his England Debut

Within a couple of days, Zak was promoted to being a full squad member and on the 22nd of August 2017 he made his international debut, coming on as a substitute for the last 30 minutes against Turkey. Zak completed a dream day by scoring the winner just seven minutes into his debut, and it could have been more but he had another effort in the net somewhat harshly disallowed for offside. After the game, the sides took part in a penalty shoot-out in which Zak coolly dispatched his.

Four days after his first Cap, he was named in the starting XI against Romania, playing up front, showing excellent pace and movement from the start, while making all the right runs. Zac was unfortunate not to add to his goal tally before being substituted on the hour mark, but he left the field with his head held high, very high, and was very much part of the winning team with the game ending 2-1 in the three lions favour.

Above - Zac in his early Seasider days

A very proud week for Zak and the whole Brown family, including older brother Charlie, who is busy making a name for himself at Chelsea, and of course for Felixstowe & Walton United.


                                            Above - Zac (11) and his England team-mates before the Romania game

Keep it up Zak & Charlie, we are all hoping that we get to see a Seasider breaking through into professional football, and hopefully more caps are on the horizon, not only at U16 level but beyond.

                          Big brother Charlie - Then as a Seasider and Now as a Pensioner!



24th AUGUST 2017


Updated 1630 25th August 2017



The 2nd annual Golf Day again sponsored by Digital Copier Systems on Thursday 24th August once more proved to be a success with 13 teams participating, raising a total of £611.42 for club funds.

A big thank you to all those who took part on the day and to Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club who were excellent hosts for the event with their ‘Full English’ now highly recommended by the Golfers!

Also a big thank you to Paul Voller for his photography skills and Mark Herron for his golf adding up knowledge.

The award winners were all presented with the various tokens of success back at the football club where a buffet was laid on and the bar open. All in all, an excellent day well organised by Chris Daynes.

Thank you everyone for taking part, there will be a gallery uploaded in the near future for those wishing to check their golf swings!


Following the success of this years event The 2018 Football Club Golf Day has been pre-booked for 13th September 2018 with 18 holes of golf on the Martello course, Teeing off from 11am. Full cooked breakfast on arrival from 10am. Register your interest with Chris Daynes!


Prize Winners


1st Place Team – MAZE Logistics


2nd Place Team – GMA


3rd Place Team – EUF Group Ltd


Nearest the Pin – Ian Brown                             Longest Drive - Stuart Ainsley

















This page will be updated when we have edited and checked the 1,000 or so pics taken!


Real Soccer Clinic – August 2017



Wednesday 9th August 1pm

Due to the ‘August’ weather, this afternoon’s outdoor activities have been cancelled, I think the term WET is more appropriate than damp!

The clinic are happy to entertain the children indoors until the scheduled pick-up time but any parents wishing to collect their children earlier are welcome to do so!






Real Soccer Clinic – August 2017

Updated 9am 9th August 2017

Real Madrid Soccer Clinic 2017 was back at The Goldstar Ground this morning (07/08/17) for another week of coaching the youngsters, this time using the brand new clubhouse as their base.

And once again, those taking part were certainly enjoying themselves.

Even at lunchtime!


Back to work!










Lights erected, grass cut, speakers tested!

The Season's about to start!

Here we go again!

Updated 4:30pm 4th August 2017

The Friday before the Saturday that marks the start of the football season in Felixstowe!

Starting this year with a game in the world oldest football cup competition, the now sponsored “Emirates FA Cup”

Well, the lights may all have gone out in Massachusetts but at The Goldstar Ground in Felixstowe they went up not out and Robin Gibb didn’t sing about it!

It almost seems like a tradition now, we take the lights down at the start of May when the trees start to hide them from the surrounding houses and put them back up in August when the leaves start to fall and reveal them!

Most who read about it say that’s crazy - Why? Well it’s a long story …..

Chris Ryan had two new recruits to assist with the erecting this year as they learnt the do’s and don’ts of the task while Richard the groundsman cut the grass ready for Tomorrow’s cup tie (05/08/2017) against Brantham Athletic.

The new PA system was up and tested, making it audible in all areas of the ground while the clubhouse patio looked ready for the customers, programmes printed and all ready to go!












Bring it on!!


Excellent Day For the clubs Youngsters

Best In Show

Updated 10pm 22nd July 2017

There was reward for the hours of hard work put in by the club juniors on Saturday to produce a magnificent float for the 2017 Felixstowe Carnival.

The float, judged by The Mayor of Felixstowe to be best in class, collected the cup as reward and had lots of happy youngsters on board.

With thanks to Coastal Global Logistics who kindly supplied the wheels and engine to take the girls and boys on their trip around the town.












FA Draws

The draws for the Football Association competitions were made this morning (Friday 7th July) with the Seasiders being drawn at home in the Extra Preliminary Round of the Emirates FA Cup, receiving byes in the Extra Preliminary and Preliminary rounds of the Buildbase FA Vase and a home draw in the preliminary round of the FA Youth Cup.

Full details below


Extra Preliminary Round

Match 94

Felixstowe & Walton United V Brantham Athletic

Saturday 5th August 2017

Winner of this fixture will be at home to Bostik League (North) Cheshunt FC in the Preliminary Round on the 19th August 2017



Finishing runners up in the Thurlow Nunn League Premier Division last season means The Seasiders are exempted from the preliminary rounds of the competition and join at the 1st round stage on the 21st October. This round has not yet been drawn.



Preliminary Round

The Seasiders Under 18’s have been drawn away in the Preliminary Round of the competition at Cambridge City, this match will be played on week commencing 4th September 2017 (7:45 Kick-Off)

The Winners of the fixture have been drawn at home in the First Round Qualifying on the 19th September to Hadleigh United.


More details to follow on all competitions...




Major Changes to Premier Division for 2017/18

Thurlow Nunn Restructure

Updated 0900 Saturday 27th May 2017

The FA have released the Step 5 & 6 allocations for season 2017/18 with the Thurlow Nunn League (Eastern Counties) Premier Division increased to 24 teams from the 21 teams in the season just finished.

The increase means there will be 46 games in the Premier Division this season as opposed to the 40 games played in the last campaign.

Stowmarket Town, Coggeshall Town & Haverhill Borough are promoted from Division One while Wroxham FC & Histon FC are relegated from Step 4. Wroxham from the Ryman League (North) and Histon from the Southern League (Central)

In addition there looks to have been a reprieve for relegated FC Clacton & Wivenhoe Town who retain their Premier Division status.

As far as I can ascertain, this has yet to be ratified by the Thurlow Nunn League executive committee but having come from the FA, it would appear to just requiring a rubber stamp.

The Non relegation of our Premier Division clubs and will mean that the Thurlow Nunn First Division will now consist of 21 teams with just Swaffham Town relegated from the Premier Division, Leiston Reserves, who finished bottom last season will retain their Division One status while Little Oakley (E&SBL) and Spixworth (ACL) are promoted from step 7 while Norwich United Reserves are elected to the Division.

Please note the information shown has not been ratified by any official body as far as I can ascertain, but based on the FA (Version 6) allocations.


Major Signing for the Club

Updated 8pm Wednesday 17th May 2017

Kevin O’Donnell & joint manager Ian Watson were quick to snap up the services of former Lowestoft front man Joe Francis who left Leiston last week. 

The left sided player who can operate as a front man or in midfield joins the Seasiders after four seasons at Victory Road where he made 107 appearances, scoring 26 goals and was an integral part of the Blues squad that won promotion to the Ryman Premier Division.

Francis joined Kings Lynn in June 2007 from Woodbridge Town and spent two seasons at the Walks winning the Southern League title and spending a season with them in the Conference North. Joe moved to fellow Conference North side Corby Town in March 2009 before joining Lowestoft Town in December 2009 when the Trawler Boys were in the Ryman Division One North and helped them gain promotion to the Premier Division at the first attempt, spending three seasons with the Blues before signing for Leiston in June 2013.

Now 30, Joe was happy to sign a one year contract with the Seasiders with the option of a further years extension and will join up with former teammates Stuart Ainsley (ex Lowestoft Town) and Stuart Boardley (ex Leiston)

The two managers and Director of Football Tony Barnes were obviously delighted with their acquisition as Joe signed for the club on Wednesday evening, on what proved to be the first event in the new clubhouse, although not officially opened yet and hopefully with it starting on a real positive note it will soon become the place to be on match days for the Seasiders!



Spaces available for under 18's

Updated 9am Monday 15th May 2017

Under 18’s manager Aren Howell is looking to increase and strengthen his squad for the forthcoming season (2017/18). It’s an ideal opportunity for eligible youngsters to gain experience and possibly progress within the club as they again look to challenge for honours at the top of the Thurlow Nunn League.

Aren, a forward looking coach, is looking for players in all positions and would welcome anyone contacting him who feels they would like an opportunity to play a good level of football for a well-established club.

Those interested can contact Aren on 07876 593082

or e-mail

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thursday 26th April 2017

The Final Countdown

Wise Words With Watty!

Well this is it, my last notes of season 2016/2017, but I am already looking forward to writing in the summer as we move on from what has been quite an amazing year to be honest. Despite our disappointment this term we can look back at what has been a quality season and not what could have been.

Our FA Cup run this year was really something else and I know like me you will all remember it for a long, long time. The euphoria we all had after our non-league giant killing of Bishop's Stortford will stay with me forever. We made history this season and if someone had asked me at the start of the season to have such a run and finishing second in the league would be enough, I would have disagreed. However it is easy to say how good it has been, only if we then improve on that. Obviously that involves the ultimate goal, which is the league. The club has moved so far already and a lot of this is because of Kev O’Donnell and his vision, plus the fantastic people behind our club. But we cannot rest on our laurels now and have to take that step further and move the club onwards and upwards.

I have to say thank you to our squad of players who have really been something else this season. The football they have played has been better than I have ever seen at this level before and it has been a privilege to watch week in week out next to Kev, Andy, Martyn and Sam. That said we must be a happy place to have players producing soooo many babies this year!! We will need a creche in the new clubhouse. Congrats to Jordy following on from Danny and we await little Ainsley, Driver and Barber very soon. I personally would love to see the squad of players together again next season to take us to where we should be.

It is also the three I have mentioned that have had a major influence on this squad of players. Andy’s coaching skills and personality is a major factor as to why this club has done so well in the last two seasons, thanks AC. Martyn’s coaching with Danny has kept him at a level that still makes him one of, if not the best keepers in the area, thank you Martyn. I have learnt first hand without a match day physio things are tough (head injuries everytime I had the bag), so thank you Sam for being part of us and what we are doing.

You the fans, well what can I say!! you have all been better than the best this season. Our gates have been phenomenal and I think the lads can take credit for what they have given you, but I have waited twenty years to see the real Felixstowe backing the football team. It has been so great to walk out on a Saturday afternoon at the Goldstar and see the support you have given us. The banter on the sidelines is something that I have waited for to wake up the sleeping giant that is the Seasiders, it has been quality. I know that it has driven our players on to what they have produced. You add to that with the away support this season, I am in a very good place. I have enjoyed some great days out with you all this season and please long may it continue. I am a Felixstowe man and getting to know you all is what I am about, I will never change the way I am so please make sure you don’t either.

So moving on to Saturday, a game where we need to secure second place in the Thurlow Nunn Premier. Newmarket are the visitors and we still look over our shoulder at them. Mixed emotions for me as I was born in Newmarket all be it for 18 months of my life!! My 86 year old mum is even making the effort to come Saturday, so here is my shout out…….It is our last game of the season, we have the opportunity to say goodbye to our old bar in style. Myself and Kev are there for the duration Saturday and I have a put a call out to all our players too. I would love to see a crowd of 300 or more to see our season out please. I call on all the old boys and new to be there Saturday to finish the year off in style and show what a club we really are. I would also love you all to make yourselves known to my mum, because she will love that and feel like a Princess for the day haha. She is a woman that brought me up on her own for most of her life so please say hi to her on Saturday. Come on people of Felixstowe show your support for the final day before we move into the new clubhouse and make me proud. Plus there is a nothing game down at Portman Road this week :-) I ask all the youth coaches at Felixstowe, make the effort and bring all your boys and girls up to Dellwood Saturday afternoon.

Finally thank you to all involved at our wonderful club, your efforts will never go unnoticed especially my Anthony Barnes, sorry about the FA Cup semi my man………

See you all for a beer and a chinwag Saturday!


Red & White






And now, the end is near, and we must .....

Apologies for lack of notes over the last few weeks, I have been too busy listening to the fat lady singing!! finally ending her set at our home game against Godmanchester, although I think she was testing her vocal chords strongly when we lost to Stanway and Saffron Walden on the bounce. These were the two games where we realistically lost our chance to hunt Mildenhall down.

I would like to congratulate Dean (Greygoose) and Mildenhall for their achievement this season and also on their promotion to Ryman North football next season, the league table does not lie and they are worthy champions.

For the second season running, since I came back to the club, I have witnessed the League Champions win so many games and follow this up with promotion. We need to look at this as a club and put all our efforts into next season being third time lucky, personally for me, and see our dream fulfilled. We also need to ensure that our squad have the same mentality as Norwich United and Mildenhall.

Bar a couple of blips we have been so strong at home this season, just letting ourselves down away from home at times. Kev and I will address this and move the team in the right direction.

On that note Kev has invited me to become joint Manager next season alongside him, This is a privilege for me and I am very pleased to be stepping up so to speak. This also brings new meaning to my “Standing Next to Kev” notes for the future. I won’t go on about our recent games, but the squad has really dug deep of late and with injuries and non-availability they have really given their all. That said the Godmanchester game was personally disappointing. we responded with a dogged win against Haverhill, playing some fantastic football in the 1st half which has been our trademark this season, unfortunately the second half did not produce the same quality, but we got the result. Ipswich Wanderers on Monday was a sign of what we have been about of late and I was personally worried about this fixture, once again the squad responded with a good performance, with Jenno and Nick leading the line so well. Jenno being one of the best signings the club has made and loved by fans and all in his first season. Playing Ethan wide in the three has also given us a great outlet of late and he has been top drawer as always.

We go into tomorrow’s game still looking over our shoulder at Newmarket, I am looking forward to the trip to Ely and hopefully we can get a result that will take us into next week’s final game.

I can see us having a massive crowd on the last day, but I will rally you all next week in my notes. It will be a goodbye to the old bar so I would like to see all the old faces I love to see and hopefully some more new faces again. This season has been a really wonderful journey and I will go into that more next week in my final notes. Safe to say I know there are quite a few of you coming tomorrow to Ely, as our away support is really becoming something this year.

This was summed up by the Wanderers crowd on Monday afternoon and so good to see. We seem to give the boys support and a lift home and away now, and long may this continue.

It is an important time of year for Kev and I and although a break looms for us all, it does not stop for the pair of us. I would like to think that after what has been a record breaking season at the club, we can move into the new clubhouse and have the same set of players taking us to the level we all deserve. We have unfinished business, but it is now the merry go round starts and we are already asking the right questions of players and I would like to think they all love this football club as much as we all do. I have mentioned before it is the best changing room I have been privy to and I personally want to take that into our new modern facilities. Something I have waited 20 years for……..

Look forward to seeing you all soon as we strive to finish in that runners up spot. Something the management, backroom staff, players, club officials and you supporters deserve this season. We were not far off and we all know that our squad is good enough to win this league and that must be our challenge in 2017-2018.



I do not normally like to write my notes before a game, but it has been one of those weeks!! I will admit it was a struggle to enjoy my weekend last week after losing on Friday night. I had the feeling I had as a player when losing, something I have only had in management twice in eight years. Friday night games are great, but when you’re fighting for a league title and players have day jobs it can be a big ask to perform like a Saturday afternoon. No excuses though as it was the same for our opponents. I will come to that shortly.

I will start with the Wivenhoe game two weeks ago. For me we showed why we are seeing fans pile through our gates this season. We played some quality attractive football for 90 mins, just probably lacking that final product in front of goal. That said we were comfortable, despite giving away a sloppy goal. Our back four were quality and in my opinion the best two fullbacks in this standard and higher were unplayable at times. Ethan and Callum are not only thrilling to watch going forward, their defensive game is also excellent‎. Rhys and Josh had a quite relaxing afternoon, but when called upon they to excellent. Jordy's display in the second half I feel won us the game overall, with Sherri outstanding throughout and Matt also pulling the strings in Midfield, Jenno again scoring to show what a great signing he has been. 

On to last Friday and I have not really got much to say. Like players, us as managers can make mistakes and we both agreed that we made mistakes ourselves against Stanway. We are big enough to admit this, however the performance we put in was well below our level of expectations and players Must react to that this week. I can only apologise to our huge away support last week, I feel more annoyed that we let you guys down‎ in a big way. I hope I will get to see many of you tomorrow on the fun-bus to Saffron Walden. I personally got it in the ear at Dellwood on Saturday afternoon watching the reserves, something I don't mind and I am happy to take. I would like to see our club be like other clubs and have a positive attitude about everything, but being a Felixstowe man through and through I know the Town can be like that sometimes.

I know we near the end of our under 18's season, but I would encourage you go and see the last games they have left. Aren, Stu and Dean are doing a cracking job and I have enjoyed watching them this season. The football they have been encouraged to play is quality and as I have said before the future is bright......

Hopefully see some of you on the bus tomorrow when I join at Stowmarket. Bounce back ability are the words this week.

See you for a pint



Sunday 5th March 2017

The pressure's on!

Right lets catch up people, it’s been three games since I put fingers to the keyboard. So much to squeeze in to the short period!! So we start with the home win against Walsham, which for me and Andy was a landmark game as we recorded our first 3 points being in charge with Kev away. I did honestly think that once we missed our first penalty the writing was on the wall for just another point. We were so happy that this did not happen with our squad yet again digging deep to pull out another great result, looking quite comfortable in the final few minutes lol. Great performances all round with Chappers producing what was the first of a hatrick of man of the matches, culminating with yesterday’s victory at Great Yarmouth. Something we lacked in our squad last season were players that had that ability to grab a game by the throat and change it. Chappers epitomises that for us at the moment and other players are responding to it. Rhys Barber does the same at present, but that is what can be expected of players that have previously won this league and know what needs to be done. It does seem at the moment that players are playing to a level we expected of them consistently week in week out. Training has been fantastic in the last few weeks, with a great atmosphere and buzz and this needs to continue. Thank you to Andy for keeping the boys on the right level.

We turn to Brantham, which for me was a game I was concerned about all week. What a game we witnessed, a great advert for our level of football I felt. It had everything I love in the game, with both sets of players showing commitment and passion. It was not just that, there was some quality football played. Credit to Matt and Michael for what they are doing over the water, it was certainly our biggest physical test and as they said in their tweets they matched us for ninety minutes. Right now we seem to have a certain edge about us and a togetherness I have not had the privilege to witness in football for a long time. Our squad look after each other and that is something I was probably a bit critical of, we were too nice and that has certainly changed for the better. Although I am not sure Tony will agree when we look at the disciplinary record!! I will say that I have seen some ridiculous bookings this year. A quick mention to those that have helped out on the cooking front of late, with our kitchen issues. Lynne a fantastic Chilli thank you and my mate Graham a lovely double cooked pulled pork, thank you we all appreciate it.

On to yesterday and with four players missing we rocked up to at the Bloaters looking slightly depleted. We were not though as with the addition of Matty Collins (signing from Bury this week), Danny Smy and Kyron back with the first team squad we were looking healthy. A special mention to Smiler because he has made a massive difference in our changing room for the last three weeks and that has been noticed, although I know he was disappointed yesterday. The competition we have in the squad is brilliant right now and every player has to perform. It was one of those games yesterday where you thought it had 0-0 written all over it, a result the Yarmouth management would have rightly been happy with. Yet again we dug deep and cometh the moment cometh man, with us bringing on Nick with an injury to show his quality once more to win us the game. A great debut for Matty Collins to boot and overall a good day in the eastern Blackpool. Apart from an awful injury happening to Miles. He has had no luck this season injury wise, but he has still been a major part of what we are doing at the club. We all wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him in the red and white as soon as possible. Milo great words last night and we will do everything we can to try and push for the title for you buddy.

I moved on to the dogs last night a happy man, until my luck changed slightly!! It was great to spend the evening with some real Felixstowe supporters and people I can now call friends from this season. Thanks guys for a great night and if anyone needs a beer next Saturday see Paul at the bar, he owned the track last night J. We will work hard in training this week again and I would love to see a great crowd next Saturday driving us on once more. As the song goes “We got a whole lot of history”…………….to make if we want it.




Well I could not really leave my notes too long after the weekend we had last week. I asked you all to get behind us last Saturday for our community day and you certainly did that!! What a day all round, topped off with a great performance by the boys in front of a big crowd. I will come to the football shortly, but it was great to hear you all on Saturday and then to see the clubhouse full to the brim before and after the game….. fantastic and long may it continue.

When I say I heard you all last week I refer to the noise during the game. I was pleased because when we played away to Mildenhall we had to put up with a very vociferous crowd, which we matched on Saturday. I am fully aware that this possibly had something to do with the first "Dellwood Old Boys" get together. It was great to see so many of my old mates and team mates at the ground last week. It was brilliant to catch up with you all, especially those hard core of Clarkey, Wedgy and Macca who pressed on to the bitter end!! until the bar shut, where Macca' was seen stood upright fast asleep :-). 

On to the game and what a great performance by the squad. I felt we dominated a Mildenhall side that appeared to come to the Goldstar to gain a point. It's hard to pick my man of the match from the game, as I thought every member of the squad were excellent. To be able to have Ethan, Tommy and Milo to bring into the game and top this with Nick and Birchy not being involved, shows the quality of our squad. Defensively I thought we were brilliant, our midfield three dominated and our front three caused The Hall all sorts of problems. I am not sure Danny had a save to make!!

Jamal gets a special mention for me though, as this is a player that has been sat biding his time since joining last season and when the opportunity arises he has never let us down. Now he is getting a run of games I think he is showing the quality I felt I was bringing with me to the club, thanks Jamma. All we can do right now is keep performing the way we are, keep on a good run and who knows what could happen. As they say "It’s a funny old game".

I was pleased to see so many attend the race night last week, which just topped the day off. Well done Chris, Stuart and my mate Bolty (eventually dragged from his hangover couch) for putting on a fun evening. Thanks also to all of you that helped sell the night prior to Saturday, especially little Ellie who could sell sand to the Arabs with her cute smile. It was a shame to not see more first team squad there later on (apart from you Stuey, good clubman) as it would have been nice for the supporters, management and those heavily involved in the club to enjoy the result together.It was good to see the reserves and under 18’s represented on the night, so thanks to you guys.

We will soon move into our new clubhouse and it would be nice to see all Senior sides represented at every function that the club organises, especially the opening night (event organiser Watty head on). It is important that we do not let our levels slip now we have created some hope in the title race. All I ask is we do approach Fakenham in the same manner tomorrow, otherwise you may see a different side to Watty than you have before!! History as the song goes is something that has to be earned as well as achieved.

Just briefly I will touch on the youth set up once more. The plans afoot for our club are massive and are not what they were in my day, a mere pipe dream. This is really happening and I would ask that more people come down and get involved in our great club. The more people we have on board the easier it is to run a club. It's not just about the financial side of what you bring, it's what you can offer to help and trust me you will enjoy the journey.

I can seriously see in the not too distant future 16 years olds from our youth set up, being part of our first team squad. Takes it back to the Ray Stanbridge days then ha, ha!

Well we are off to Norfolk tomorrow, so maybe see a few of you there hopefully.