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Welcome to the Seasider’s official website 2017/18.

2016 was the dawn of a new era for the club, an ever growing youth section, the first sod being turned and the first brick being laid for our new home.

The building of the clubhouse which we now call home was a long time in the planning & construction and it was all done with one objective, to take our club and all its teams, both senior and junior, to a better place on the football map!

Hopefully 2017/18 will see us consolidate our place and go from strength to strength.

Join us on the Journey, bring a friend, there’s room for everyone!





Standing Next To Kev

THE Serious Stuff Is Back

Let's get ready to Rumble!

Updated Friday 7th July 5pm

Well, here we go people - the day we have been waiting for for a long, long time. The official opening of our brand new clubhouse. I won’t go into too much detail as it is taken up in my programme notes tomorrow, but a very special day for all involved with our Felixstowe & Walton United Football Club. We not only welcome David Sheepshanks to open the club, but also a young Ipswich Town side for our first friendly of season 2017/2018. I will come back to this later in my notes, as I want to comment on something first.

Over the two seasons I have been here so far, I have been privileged to see our youth section grow, and with this a well-developed and passionate youth committee. It is fantastic for me being part of the Senior Management to see so much progression in the two years. I always said that by coming back to the club, I wanted to see more interaction between the Senior set-up and the Youth side of the club. Something that, I have to say, was amiss for too many years. Although we are not quite there yet, I see us moving so firmly in the right direction. I also have not been able to involve myself as much I wanted to with the youth sides yet, but this does get put down to the job I have at Senior level. However, it is fantastic to know so many people and coaches involved so well, and it makes me proud to see the youths representing our club. Tam, Matt and Scott are all working so hard on building a new ethos at the club, that I fully back and admire. These guys have put some serious work into what we now have, and this does sometimes go unnoticed. I would like to take this opportunity to not only thank these three individuals, but all of you coaches and parents that give up your time to make this all happen. Providing the youngsters of Felixstowe with a footballing platform for the future. I think we can see from our sidelines that you guys are supporting our First Team in a much stronger way than we sometimes give back, but we will endeavour to change this.


An unsung hero that very rarely gets mentioned is Nigel Long. Nigel has been involved with this club in many ways over the years, too many to name in my notes. Nigel has also been the driving force behind our relationship with our Dutch friends, which has gone from strength to strength. It provides our young footballers with the opportunity to go and play football and mix in a completely different culture, which a lot of clubs do not have. I am sure this relationship will develop more and more as the years pass, and it is priceless in our future generations of youngsters developing other skill sets. Having said that, be prepared for a whole evening of “The Raffle” if you get the pleasure to travel there yourselves!! Thank you, Nigel, for all your work.

Ok - moving on to tomorrow. Our squad has not changed much this season, which Kev and I feel will give us an extra edge that money cannot buy. In the training sessions running into tomorrow, it has seemed like the boys have not been away from each other. With the quality additions of Joe Francis and Stef Mallardo, we have strengthened rather than weakened. With potential other targets in sight, we are looking very healthy going into what could be a very long season. Potentially with decent cup runs, we could be facing 60 fixtures or more this season!! This is crazy really, but the league and the FA as always dictate and we obey. That said, we need a good strong squad to see us through the next 10 months or more. It is important we look to keep players happy in a winning environment which breeds success. It still is by far the best changing room I have had the pleasure to be involved in. New signing Joe’s personality will definitely lighten it even more :-).

Hopefully, with Kev returning from a two week management break in the Algarve, the boys will put in a performance against a youthful Town side. I hope at home you are all reading this on your Friday night thinking if you had not made plans tomorrow, then you will join us for such a big day in the club’s history. I am hoping and quietly expecting a bumper crowd tomorrow, and I hope you all turn up too and come cheer us on at the Goldstar, for what could be a great day all round. As I have mentioned in my programme notes there may be some torn allegiances on the sidelines, but I hope we all come together and enjoy a new era beginning at Felixstowe & Walton United. It has been great to see a lot of e-mails and texts from our supporters over the close season, bemoaning the lack of Saturday football and how much they have missed it. It is staggering to also see the huge amount of season tickets bought, compared to previous seasons. It really could be special year for our club, so let’s start off where we finished and do it all again. 

Apologies I won’t be so animated in the technical area tomorrow, as the old knee is taking a bit longer to heal than expected. I am sure you will still hear my voice though!! Look forward to seeing plenty of you there tomorrow, and joining you all for a beer after the game.  



Teamwork & Strimmification

A Close season view from Watty

Updated Tuesday 20th June 0700Hrs

Well, I said that was me done for the summer with my notes, but to be honest I have been missing football so much (as have many of you probably) that I decided to start early. Kev and I have been non-stop since the season finished and bar a nice staycation for a week I have been working hard in my new role with Kev.

Having said that, as joint manager not a lot had to change as Kev and I have had an excellent relationship to date and I can’t see that changing. As some of you are aware we have signed almost the entire squad from last season so far, which is fantastic. I have felt even in our signing meetings a different buzz amongst our boys, almost an unfinished business mentality. Unfortunately, as many will now be aware we have lost Ethan to our rich rivals up the road, we wish him all the best at his new club. I am sure you will all see Ethan in the red and white again one day, he loved the club in his two seasons with us, the people behind the club, the players and of course the wonderful support we have now. He is a top lad who will be missed by everyone, but in football we move on with exciting times ahead of us. I expect him to get a good reception when he returns with Stow, but he will receive no favours from us or you supporters!

We have obviously made a fantastic capture in Joe Francis and I believe he will be yet another crowd pleaser, it is a credit to Joe that he turned down a lot of bigger offers to join us, as he was impressed by our intentions and what we had to say about the club. I am sure it won’t be long before he becomes yet another favourite from the sidelines amongst the wealth of talent we have in our squad. Kev and I are also working hard to make more signings, one hopefully imminent. This will again show our ambition in fulfilling what is already a quality squad of players.

 We were also pleased to keep Andy Crump in our management team as first team coach for the coming season, a lot of the good things we have done in the last two seasons have been down to Andy and Martyn Dew, who I am pleased to say will again be an integral part of the management team.  

The season is obviously going to be a long one with the numbers of teams in our division increased to 24 next year. From a selfish point of view, it means more of the football I love, but it also means we will need to be a tight, strong squad to compete on all levels.

I was able to see first-hand on Saturday the work being put in by volunteers at the club, as part of the working parties. I know there has been a lot of work put in on the Mondays as part of the project and I was privy to it, hands on, on Saturday. Having said that I did feel more of a “Keeping the spirits up mentality” from me. People found great humour in my fight with the industrial, lethal weapon strimmer!!! I have been frustrated in football before, but none more so than that damn strimmer. It is a measure of what we have at the club, to see so many putting in their own time. Whether it be Phil Griffiths religiously moving the sprinkler around the pitch, to Scott Dunne sweating his bits off in the morning working on the base for the new club shop.

I can assure you it is all appreciated - having said that I put a call to arms out to any of you that can possibly put some hours in at the club. There is still much to be done, and we really would like the place looking the business when Ipswich Town visit on the 8th of July. If you are able to give up some of your time, I can assure you it will not go unnoticed by all of us.

Joe Francis (right) puts pen to paper to christen the new clubhouse as he signs for The Seasiders

Well, not long to go as pre-season training approaches and I personally can’t wait, having said that I am in for my long awaited (a year) knee op next week, so you will see me hobbling around for a bit early doors!! Let’s get that buzz we had last season going from the start guys and girls, I can safely say that the new clubhouse will create an atmosphere that has never been seen before at Felixstowe & Walton United, and to see the season ticket sales already I am totally in awe of all of your commitment to us. I can assure you our commitment will be the same to you all on the pitch this year.

Come on you Seasiders…….




EJA Under 14's Players Wanted

Under 11's Coach Required

Monday 12th June - Edited 1330pm

U14’s EJA players wanted

This coming season the club are entering an Under 14 side into the Eastern Junior Alliance league and we are looking for a number of new players to join what is already a talented bunch of boys who won every game in the I&SYFL last year.

A trial date will be held on Sunday 9th July 10.00am to 11:30am at The Goldstar Ground.... If interested please contact Craig Chidlow on 07807290017 or e mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Under 11’s Coach required

Our Under 11’s White team, playing in the SYL are looking for a coach for the up coming Season 17/18, if you are interested please contact Tamlyn Ward (Felixstowe and Walton Youth team chairman) 07787918014 – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Level 1 preferred but not essential as we can assist to get you qualified.

Seasiders Hard Work gains recognition

Updated 9am Monday 15th May

Felixstowe's new Mayor, Nick Barber (right), who was elected at a ceremony held last Wednesday (10th May) at the Town Hall has given the club a boost by naming them as one of his chosen charities for the forthcoming year.

Each year the elected Mayor holds a number of fundraising events to raise money for their chosen charities and Felixstowe & Walton United FC have been chosen alongside Level Two and FACTS as the Mayors Charities this year.

The Club will help organise and support the Mayors fundraising events and receive a share of the proceeds at the end of the Mayoral year.

It's a significant boost for the club as we strive to lift the standard of facilities and availability of sport in the town, through football related activities and the club look forward to supporting Nick in his various projects and events over the coming 12 months.